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Friday, March 21, 2008

There's a Moon Out Tonight

Herald Square
Photo by myself in Herald Square at 34th Street and Broadway.

This area is especially hectic, loaded with tourists and shoppers. Macy's is just out of view on the right. Commuters using the subway and the Long Island Railroad flood the sidewalks during rush hour.

The kiosk in the middle ground bears the logo of 'witchcraft, one of Tom Colicchio's restaurants in the Flatiron District, known for its sandwich fare. There are 'witchcraft kiosks as well in Tribeca and Bryant Park.


After work today and a happy hour with old coworkers, Mark and I traveled home for dinner.

En route, we mulled things over. 'I'm annoyed and I don't know why,' I said. It was nice to see old faces (well, not that old. I just left the my old office a couple weeks ago), and chit chat over drinks.

Still for whatever reason, I wasn't feeling right. 'It's the full moon,' Mark said. 'I feel antsy too, and I swear every time there's a full moon, I feel like this.'

'Oh? Like what?'

'This, this,' he said. 'Yknow, not right.'

According to Wikipedia though, there is no correlation between the full moon and peoples' behavior. Still it seemed that today, more people were walking haphazardly and aggressively on the streets than usual.

I'll just blame it on the stars.


Ming the Merciless said...

That explains why I was hungry all day today. My stomach was like a bottomless pit. :-)

Anonymous said...

Hmm... didn't really notice the full moon much, I pretty much slept the whole night away! lol

I love this photo! It has a great retro spin to it, the B&W enhances the feel of it too :)

Anonymous said...

Nice shot. Looks good in B&W too.

Have a nice holiday weekend.

Abraham Lincoln

Anonymous said...

this is a great street shot! I love the "rhythm" in this one!

Kitty said...

Ming, you're so cute!
I am a bottomless pit every day...

Hey PP!
thanks! The whole b/w thing is new to me and quiet fun.

Hi Lincoln!
thanks and happy holiday to you as well

Welcome Pixeltoko
and thank you! I look forward to reading your blog!

Unknown said...

Looks a very busy part of NY. Mind you I think all of NY is busy. Not that I've ever been.

Best wishes for a happy Easter from Nottingham DP.

fishwithoutbicycle said...

Hmmm, I've suffered with insomnia this week and as a result I've been grouchy. Must be the moon ;-)

Have a great weekend Kitty, Happy Easter if that's your thing.

BrianC said...

I have friends who work in emergency rooms here in the city and they swear that full moons always increase the number of cases they see . . . particularly out-of-the-ordinary cases. Sure, that's just anecdotal, but sometimes anecdotal seems more compelling than statistics.

Olivier said...

j'ai découvert l'année dernière au bryant park, les kiosques "Tom Colicchio's", mais j'avoue que j'ai pas beaucoup aimé. je préfère les starbuck.
J'aime bien ce choix du b&w sur cette photo.
I discovered last year in the bryant park, newsstands " Tom Colicchio s ", but I confess that I not very much liked. I prefer starbuck. I like well this choice of b&w on this photograph.

Mom Knows Everything said...

My mother told me that more women give birth on a full moon and predicted my due date for Aurora on a full moon. Have a good long weekend!

Kitty said...

Welcome Gail's Man!
lol, there are definitely some deserted streets in NY and they're safe to walk on.
Happy Easter to you!

Hi Fish!
I've been sleeping badly too! But I think it's just all this change.
Maybe your sleeping patterns have to do with the time change?

Hi Brian!
I'd be more prone to believe your buddies. That's an interesting fact and I've heard it before. (so it must be true!)

Thank you Olivier!
I've read mixed reviews about the 'witchcraft kiosks, especially on the prices. The Craft restaurants are great.
If you had coffee, I can see how they might not have been so hot.

Hi Tammy
How funny? I'm intrigued by this full moon stuff now.
Happy weekend, dear!

Nikon said...

Beautiful shot, really nicely done & taken at the right second.
There is a guy in my building who puts his fist in the air & barks at the full moon. The rest of the month he just dances naked with his shade up.
When he barks I get worried :-)

Kitty said...

Thanks Nikon!
How scary about your neighbor?! Eek.