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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Peace to All

Tibet Rally, Union Square
Photo by myself in Union Square.

Yet another peace rally on behalf of Tibet took place Friday night in Union Square. Monks chanted while people lit candles to form the words 'Free Tibet', along with a peace symbol.


Tonight I walked through Union Square and was surprised to find another peace rally going on. The candles created a delicate, vibrant atmosphere. There was a good crowd standing around, watching the candles being lit.

Monks were meditating and chanting a low tone in the background. I overheard someone say how magical the moment was. Then I looked at my watch and realized I was running late.

I walked around the south end of the square. Within just a few steps, I could no longer hear the monks chanting, since they'd been uttering such a low tone. The candles had disappeared from view. Just like that, I was immersed in the traffic and bustle.

I thought the moment was a poetic way of expressing something deeper, about Buddhism and meaning and other points of view, that can so easily slip away from us. You may just be on the brink of another world and not know it.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures, as usual. :)

Patrizia said...

Beautiful picture. I can rwally imagine the silence and the atmosphere, I can almost "see" the thoughts of the people lighting the candles.

Very touching.


Stefan Jansson said...

Never been to a peace rally, hope it works. Great atmosphere here.

Carolyn said...

Love those candles! So pretty.

Great pic......as always!

Anonymous said...

For the sake of all involved I hope things calm down and return to normal for the people in Tibet. I watched and saw the Dali Lama last night talking about people starving to death there and medical supplies and help is in short supply.

Anonymous said...

Your photo really captures the intent and deliberateness of such a rally. Nicely done!

Eva said...

You know, sometimes a message can be said twice as strong without using words.

I love your shot. And it has an important message :-)

Mom Knows Everything said...

I've never been to or even seen a peace rally before. I live in the woods. LOL. Very cool picture! I hope you're having a good weekend!

Kitty said...

Hi Ms Suzanne
Great to see you! I'll have to check out your blog.

Hi Patrizia
You visualize well!

Yes, beyond the low chanting in the background, it was strangely quiet. The people were very intent on lighting all the candles and adjusting their placement

Welcome Steffe
I'm sure it's beyond peaceful in Sweden. I look forward to visiting your blog!

Hi Carolyn
Thanks dear! It was a cool moment.

Hallo Mr Lincoln
I hope you're feeling better. I share your thoughts about the whole ordeal. The Lama is one of my heroes.

Hi Spandrel
Thank you! You're up early!

Thanks Eva
I agree. Photos can hold a distinct power beyond words.

Hi Tammy
haha, you are adorable as ever. A happy weekend to you as well!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful photo and a beautiful piece of writing.

It's like when you walk out of one of those dark beautiful cathedrals into modern bustle - I always feel like I am time-travelling then.

I love candles they do always make me feel peace somehow.

Kitty said...

Candles are wonderful and effective, aren't they? I wonder how come they're so often used in vigils. It must be their calming, sacred effect

Jane Hards Photography said...

So good to see a peace rally, that is actually peacful So many are disrupted my mindless idiots. As always antoher take on life from you. Well spotted, superbly taken

Kitty said...

absolutely, Babooshka
Union Square is typically the locus of political demonstrations and public expression, but it's been relatively quiet in recent years.

I'm happy to see it's still alive and well

The D in D & T said...

lovely photo, you have captured the atmosphere really well - it looks peaceful.

Kitty said...

Thanks D!