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Friday, May 23, 2008


Sea, in Williamsburg
Photo by myself in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, on 6th and Berry Streets.

Sea, a popular Thai restaurant in Williamsburg Brooklyn, is packed on the weekends. I'm not sure whether people go there for the food, which is both good and reasonable, or the vibe, which is buzzing.

An eclectic, stage-like dining area with large fountains and a skylight make for an unusual and active setting.


You hear about famous musicians leaving their instruments in cabs all the time.

Lynn Harrell, a renown cellist, left his 4 million dollar Stradivarius in a New York taxi. So did Yo-Yo Ma, though his cello was only worth 2.5 million.

And recently, so did violinist Phillipe Quint, a Grammy award nominee. His 4 million dollar Stradivarius was left in a cab after a ride back from Newark airport.

All three musicians were fortunate enough to have had honest New York City cab drivers who returned their instruments without delay. Quint was so overjoyed with his reunion that he performed a special concert at the taxi company, for 100+ cab drivers.

I'm confident that most cabbies out there are honest. They've probably seen it all. I've heard that a taxi's back seat will yield just about everything, from cell phones to underwear to bodily fluids. And now, even a blind date.

New York cab driver Ahmed Ibrahim goes as far as arranging dates among his single passengers. Imagine that?

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Olivier said...

si je comprends bien (pas évident) Mister Lynn Harrell a oublié dans un taxi, un violon de 4 millions !!!!!!!! comment il a pu faire cela ?

if I understand correctly (not clear) Mister Lynn Harrell has forgotten in a taxi, a violin 4 million !!!!!!!! how could he do that?

Anonymous said...

Nice place to sit down and enjoy a meal. Very nice photography.

If I don't get back to see you again before the weekend, I will wish you a "Happy Decoration Day" weekend. Alas, now called 'Memorial Day' weekend; and, better known for the Indianapolis 500 race than for decorating the graves of the dead.

Carolyn said...

Great pic!

And I thought I was forgetfull!!!!

Kitty said...

Hi Olivier
Harrell left a cello, which is a cousin of the violin. I think all the musicians were exhausted. Quint had luggage, which he got first, and the taxi drove away!

Hi Mr Lincoln
Happy Decoration Day to you as well! I'm not a racing buff so this is news to me.

Hi Carolyn
Definitely a d'oh moment, don't you think? Also very embarrassing when you're famous.

Mom Knows Everything said...

What a cool looking restaurant. I hope they had insurance on their instruments, if not that was an expensive cab ride.

fishwithoutbicycle said...

I like SEA in Williamsburg a lot, although it's insane on weekends. Didn't it also serve as the backdrop to the restaurant where Zack Braff's character worked at the beginning of Garden State, even though the restaurant was supposed to be in LA or some such.

Dana said...

How do you miss something that big? Isn't it second nature for most people to check and look back over their shoulder as they get out of the cab? talk about having a lot on your mind! Thank you for all the encouraging commments on my layouts. I really appreciate your sense of my "style". I unfortunately don't fit in with much of the scrapbooking world. So your comments send really happy vibes for my EGO. ... it is so used to getting rejection :)I really respect your art aesthetic and it means the world to me :) Have a great weekend.

Kitty said...

Hi Tammy
well, they eventually got their instruments back. That would've been sad and very embarrassing, if they didn't (well, it's embarrassing as it is).

Hi Fish
Mark and I have given up going to Sea because of the crowds, I think.

I'll have to check out Garden State again. I liked that movie. Great music, too.

Hi Dana
I guess these musicians were very zonked, or they thought the cabbie would wait for them?

I'm more than happy to comment about your work, and hope it goes better for you. Often times for an artist it has to do with your niche or subject matter or some other simple but basic thing, before you find your audience. (There is an anecdote in here somewhere that I'll have to post about)

As long as you enjoy yourself, that's what matters. Otherwise, if you don't enjoy it, you won't produce anything, and that's the worst that could happen.