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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Where the Kids Are - Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Wood Door, WIlliamsburg
Photo by myself in Williamsburg, Brooklyn around Wythe and North 7th Streets.

Mark and I visited Williamsburg today. We ran some errands and toured our favorite furniture stores. This old wooden door had personality and caught my eye.


Fellow Daily Photo blogger Fredrik in Sweden had asked me about Williamsburg a while back.

Some of our favorite furniture stores are in Williamsburg. The Future Perfect is inventive and expensive, a little like an art and product museum. Next door, its cousin A&G Merch sports more affordable items. And down the road is our all-time favorite, The Golden Calf, which offers antiques, Thomas Paul pillows and cool tableware. Mark and I just love to go and look at stuff.

Williamsburg has great restaurants, too - a modern Vietnamese place, a couple upscale bars, a delicious Italian wine bar, and a French bistro. There are a couple extremely popular Thai places, too, that are packed on weekend nights.

I liken Williamsburg to Cambridge, Massachusetts. There's an informal vibe. Select surfaces are covered with graffiti or stickers, and the kids there dress in that shlumpy hipster way.

Williamsburg Hipster

Indie Movie Shoot
We encountered an old fashioned record store abuzz with customers, and an independent movie in the making. Parts of the neighborhood look sketchy, with their old warehouse buildings, but it's all very safe. New condo buildings are under construction near the water and real estate prices have escalated hugely over the last few years.

Other posts on Williamsburg: Hipster Douchebags, Artsy Fartsy.


Anonymous said...

That door is so old it looks weathered. A nice photo.

I posted a picture of my furry mother on this Mother's Day. She was so special that we considered her part of the family.

Kitty said...

Thank you sir!
I'm eager to see this furry mum, lol!

Carolyn said...

That is a great old door! The stories it could tell!


Anonymous said...

Your photos are full of interesting textures - what a visual feast to walk around that neighborhood!

IamMBB said...

The blue tape implies painting and upkeep. I love how it contrasts with the weathered look of the door.

Fredrik said...

Williamsburg sounds very interesting and definitely a place I have to visit on my coming NYC trip. Thanks for sharing! Nice door by the way.

Mo said...

Like the door Kitty.

Anonymous said...

Yeah I like the door too.

I had a phase of hunting down old doors. If I saw one in a skip I would get a passer by to help me hoist it out and carry it home. Then find it was too big/wide/narrow/short for any doorway I had and end up leaving it in my garden for weeks till I could find another skip to dump it in. I've grown out of it now!!

Mom Knows Everything said...

Hi Kitty! I hope you had a great weekend, I had a lovely mother's day.

Dana said...

Kitty! I havent had a chance to check out your blog in a bit, but I am never disappointed! Thanks for such a lovely slice of the big apple :) Dana

Kitty said...

Thanks Carolyn.
I bet the door has a book of stories.

Hi Spandrel
Thanks! It's an interesting neighborhood, one of our favorites.

Welcome iammbb!
I look forward to reading your blog.
It's funny, the door looked one way, it looked different through the viewfinder and looks different still as an image.

Hi Fredrik
I hope you have a good time visiting!

Thanks Mo!

How cute about toting around the door? I'm like that too, with certain things. It can be hard to let certain things go.

Thanks, Tammy. Happy Mom's Day to you!

Thanks so much, Dana!

Anonymous said...

I love the photo of the door. Williamsburg looks and sounds like an interesting place to visit.

Olivier said...

Williamsburg est un beau quartier, si je me souviens bien c'est devenu un quartier d'artiste. j'aime cette vieille porte.

Williamsburg is a beautiful area, if I remember correctly it has become an area artist. I love this old door.

Kitty said...

Thanks Tam!

Thanks Olivier
There are a couple fringe galleries here, but I'm not sure how many people are really artists. They look like artists!

Micro-Architecture said...

love the door looks authentic