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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Food, Glorious Food

NYC pizza
Photo by myself in Park Slope, Brooklyn.

Pizza is not the greatest thing for one's diet, with all that bread and cheese, but New Yorkers simply cannot help themselves. Pile on the toppings, or simply stick to the basics, like tomato and fresh basil.

It's delectable.


Lately, I've been cooking more and bringing my lunches, to save cash.

My newest gadget is a pressure cooker, since I've been told by friends that these things save on time. You plop whatever ingredients in, seal it up, wait ten minutes, and presto, it's done. The only thing I have to get over is the fear of explosions.

Many New Yorkers just don't cook. Either their kitchens are too small, or their night lives are too busy or they're lazy or they enjoy socializing and getting out of the office.

I'm more of the busy/lazy/get out of the office variety. I'm also tired of throwing money down the drain.

Eating out adds up, quickly. Say you get something at a deli. I'd say eight bucks is your average bill. At a restaurant, it could be anything, depending on how fancy the place is and if they have a lunch menu. Multiply the cost over five days, and you're out a bundle.

We'll see what happens with the pressure cooker. So far I've survived cooking lentils and a chicken dish (well, the chicken came out a little pulverized, but otherwise edible).

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Janet Kincaid said...

Pizza: Yum. New York Pizza: Double yum!

Park Slope has a few foodies who still cook. My friend, Adriana Velez, and her artist husband, Lane Twitchell, are among them. Check it out!

Jilly said...

Oh what a shot. I'm drooling. Love pizza.

BrianC said...

That's a yummy looking pizza. Looks as good as John's in the Village (which I frequent all too often, since I live just up the street from it).

Anonymous said...

Interesting Blog. Here you leave this other Blog I've visited this week.


Olivier said...
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Olivier said...

une part de pizza à NYC, représente une pizza entière en France ;o).
a part of pizza in NYC, represents a whole pizza in France

Anonymous said...

oh yeah I really miss pizza. I largely gave up wheat a few years ago (did horrid things to my innards) but the sight of pizza or a cold beer has me drooling.

But cooking can feel good and needn't take a lot of time. I cooked couscous and prawns last night for us - with loads of chilli and lemon and the boys ate it all up and I thought it was yummy too and it was neither expensive nor time consuming to cook - took about 15 mins!

But it is nice to go out sometimes - to decide on the spur of the moment what to eat! And not to have to clear up afterwards!!!

Mom Knows Everything said...

It's almost supper time and now that I see that pizza I'm staving!!!

Anonymous said...

YUM! Now I am hungry. I LOVE pizza!!

Wonderful photo. I can almost smell it.

fishwithoutbicycle said...

I think I am the only person in NYC that isn't fond of pizza. Wayyyyy too much bread for me, although bizarrely I love bread in general. I don't know what it is about pizza that puts me off!! I know, I'm weird :-)

Eva said...

I love pizza!

I often make my own. As you know, I love to cook. I have found that not only does it save money, home cooked food often tastes better too. And you can't overlook that it's made with love :-)

The Veggie Queen said...

A pressure cooker is a great tool. If you bought a new spring-valve type, then you shouldn't fear explosions as the thing is pretty impossible to blow up. I use it with my junior college students (I teach cooking) and they have yet to blow one up.

It will change your life -- saving you energy, time and money.

If you experiment with it, you will learn to make great food, quickly.


or http://www.pressurecooking.blogspot.com

Kitty said...

thanks everyone!
sorry for this belated comment...

DC, thanks for the link. I'm excited to find other Park Slopers posting out there

Jilly thanks. Pizza is such a weakness of mine. Poor Mark had to hold himself back while I took that picture.

Hi Brian
I haven't been to John's in ages, but I agree their pie is excellent. My favorite has to be Lombardi's, hands down. Delicious.

lol Olivier, I suppose you mean our portions are humungous, which they are. There is a lot of supersizing hereabouts.

how terrible you can't eat wheat? I guess you figure out a way around it? I'd be at a complete loss. Carbs are my weakness.

lol, thanks Tammy

Thanks Tam. It was divine.

Hi Fish
You are one of two people I know of who doesn't like pizza. A rare breed!

Welcome Jill
Thank goodness, I am so grateful to read this. I am a shivering wreck each time we've used the thing, lol.

I will happily gobble up your links. Thanks tremendous amounts. I think Mark is fed up with my cowardice!