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Monday, June 2, 2008

The Next Generation

Tibetan Peace Rally, NYC
Photo by myself at a Free Tibet peace rally in Union Square, earlier this year.

This little one was perhaps the youngest protester in the crowd.


Mark and I bought a birthday present yesterday for his nephew Brian, who turned two. It was a big, colorful dump truck, and we got it at a small toy store in Park Slope, Brooklyn, where we live.

Park Slope is also called 'Nappy Valley', a pun on 'Napa Valley' wine country in California and the fact that there are so many little kids here.

Several recent articles on Curbed, a daily blog about Brooklyn real estate, and the The New York Times report on mayhem caused by stroller congestion. You'd never think it'd be an issue, but it really can be nuts when you're at a restaurant with five or six couples that have young, squealing kids.

Families move to whatever neighborhood has a good school. Park Slope real estate has soared since 2001, after Manhattanites reacted to 9/11. Since then, real estate prices have multiplied several times over.


Olivier said...

superbe photo, elle pourrait faire une belle affiche pour le Tibet libre.

beautiful photo, she could make a magnificient poster for the free Tibet.

Anonymous said...

Kids can be nice, especially for those who want them, but there's also a time and space for adults, and adults only.

Mom Knows Everything said...

A truck is a good toy for a little boy. Aidan is 3 and he loves cars and trucks.

Profile Not Available said...

Excellent photo! I love the mittened "fist" passionately raised in protest! I have daughters, but when they were little, they loved trucks too.

Kitty said...

Hi Olivier
Thanks! The baby was really cute and had no idea there was a rally going on.

Hi Susu
lol. I don't mind kids at all but when they get together and one starts crying, it's all over. The articles on how angry some people became is kind of funny

Hi Tammy
I should have asked you for a recommendation. We didn't know what to get at first!

Hi Kelly
That's interesting and nice to know. I'm glad there are still some toys out there that aren't on computer screens. There's something wonderful and basic about trucks.

Anonymous said...

great photo and he's absolutely adorable. I love the little hat he is wearing.

Dana said...

we definitely have stroller congestion here in CA... just try getting down the aisles in a store without getting hit in the heels by a wheel!

Tash said...

What a lovely photo and a lovely child.

Kitty said...

Thanks Tam!
I love the colors and his hat. He was bold to wear orange. Not everyone looks good in it.

Hi Dana
Eek. I feel badly for the moms who have to push the big strollers and carry big bags. It looks exhausting.

Welcome Tash
Always good to meet a Daily Photo blogger!

Anonymous said...

I am very anti-children when I go out. If I have made the effort to get away from my own and hired a babysitter the last thing I want is to have to listen to other people's in a restaurant.

But I would just go elsewhere - I wouldn't be unpleasant.

I once walked into a restaurant carrying my son. He was about 6 months old. We walked up between tables towards our one - as we got to the centre of the restaurant he spewed up loudly and messily on the carpet. I've never been so embarrassed in my life. Maybe I was holding him too tightly and squeezing his tummy.

I suspect it turned everyone off their food anyway! We left - very quickly. And never went back!

Kitty said...

I have to say RB, you have your lion's share of embarrassing stories, lol.
I witnessed my cousin's son spit up his whole body weight and it was incredible. Babies are so resilient! Unfortunately, they can't warn you when it's going to happen.