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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A View from the Streets

Street Corner
Photo by myself on a typical street corner in New York.

During rush hour especially, the street corners are packed. Cars whizz by and the crowd will move forward slowly, stepping off the curb and tempting fate. Then the light changes and *poof*. They're off.


In the summer, a lot of women walk around the city in flip flops because it's so darned hot.

There are two types of New York women. One type wears flip flops. Sometimes she changes into dress shoes at work, sometimes not, depending on office dress code.

Then there are the non-flip flop wearers. These folk think flip flops bring you too close to the street and all that touches the street. I'm the first type. I wear flip flops because they're comfy. I can move quickly and it's cooler than confining shoes.

Women wear backless sandals, too. So all summer long along the stairs to the subway, all you hear is 'thwack, thwack, thwack' of flip flops or sandals hitting the steps as each woman descends. It can be pretty percussive.

Street corner

So there I was on the sidewalk the other day when I noticed a woman with bright magenta hair, wearing a green dress and carrying a red purse.

I was caught off guard, but I dug my camera out of my bag. She was walking down the sidewalk and I was thwack thwacking behind her, desperately trying to adjust my camera.

She got pretty far along. Then I'd catch up to her and take a few photos before she get ahead of me again. And there I was, left to thwack thwack after her.

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Profile Not Available said...

I always love reading your posts! This is an excellent shot! The black and white was a great choice!

Dana said...

i'm with you! bring on the flip flops!

Olivier said...

j'aime beaucoup la photo couleur, on ne voit cela qu'a NYC et personne ne remarque (a part la photographe ;o) ) et je trouve cela très bien.

I love the colour photo, we see it as NYC and nobody noticed (except the photographer ;o)) and I find it very well.

Mab said...

I agree with dana, I hate hot sweaty feet, yuk!!!!! Love the girls hair colour and outfit, could spot her coming a mile off:0)

Mab :0)

Eva said...

Wow, that is a wild hair color. But anything goes in NYC :-)

As for flip flops, I'm more of a strap less sandal-girls myself. My office dress code don't go well with flip flops, but the sandals let my feet breathe.

Mom Knows Everything said...

I live in flip flops! Can't do summer without them.

Anonymous said...

Around the house, I'm all about the flip-flops... but walking around the city? They're too flat for me - and too close to the city-sidewalk grody-ness that lurks around every corner.

Anonymous said...

I love my flipflops.

I don't know how you have the cuts to take some of these photos. I would have been scared that woman with the magenta hair might have turned round and thwacked me. The risks you take to keep us entertained - you are a valiant heroine indeed.

Hope you have a great weekend away and that the wedding is fun.

Kitty said...

Hi Kelly
Thanks! Yeah, I like the b/w, too. I'm not sure what it is about it. Maybe how focused it is and how much detail it shows.

Thanks Dana!

Lol, Olivier
I'm sure I generated more notice than the magenta-haired woman. I must have looked quite ridiculous, like I'd never seen a magenta-haired person before.

Hi Mab
lol. My feet sweat a LOT.
love your avatar!

Hi Eva
Well, the sandals are definitely a flip-flop upgrade. I'm sure you look much more presentable than I do.

Hi Tammy
The only thing about them is they make your feet get bigger. I am worried about having Fred Flintstone feet.

Hi Spandrel
In theory I agree with you. I need to wean myself off the things. It's tough b/c they're comfy!

Thanks RB!
Instinct takes over and I just go for it, when I see something interesting. Hopefully I will stay out of trouble, lol

Matthew said...

No way you can move quickly in flipflops! You can't run in them, and you never know when you'll need to run in NYC. I wear flipflops around the house at all times, except when I've horizontal, but I need something real on my feet on the mean streets. The last time I wore flipflops outside was in the late 80s in a midwestern college town. It was pouring. I stepped off the curve into a torrent of water (there was no other way to cross), and the water shucked one of my flops off and charged with it towards the drain. I just barely rescued it. Now my sandals have ankle straps, thank you.

Ming the Merciless said...

I totally understand your sentiments. I wear my Crocs everywhere too. But it's hell on the (condition of my) feet. I have to get regular pedicures but they aren't for the toe nails. I have to get the sole of my feet pumiced and scrapped. Eck!

Kitty said...

Welcome, Thew!
What a story about your flip flops? I hope to never have to scurry so much.

I suppose I'm comparing flip flops to little high heels (which I'm not sure you've worn, lol), which are a pain on the feet, depending on who you are. Some women can tolerate them for a while, but I can only manage tiny doses.

I look forward to reading your blog. Always nice to run into other New Yorkers.

Hi Ming
Pedicures are luxurious, no? Mark has had one and loves it. I think they're healthy for your feet.