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Sunday, August 24, 2008

A La Carte

Red Hook chow
Photo by myself, near the soccer fields in Red Hook, Brooklyn.

You can sample foods from various countries every weekend between May and November from parked food carts. Central American, South American and Carribean foods are represented: chorizo on a stick, roasted corn, ceviche, tacos, pupusas and various fruit drinks.

You can read an article about the weekly event, here.


Mark and I lunched with friends Saturday, in Red Hook. We sat out on the grass, sampling delicious foods from the numerous trucks parked nearby.

We wolfed down a couple pork tacos wrapped in fresh corn tortillas, a spicy red ceviche with shrimp, and a cool watermelon drink.

After a short break, we shared roasted chorizo on little slices of bread, and pupusas - fried pancakes, stuffed with pork and cheese, with a side of slaw.

Mark was so entranced with everything, he's pledged our next several weekends to return visits. Delicious!

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Unknown said...

Nice shot!

Anonymous said...

Pupuyas sound so hilarious to me, 'cause in Finnish a pupu is a bunny! It's a real pleasure to eat out in good company. Summer luxury at its best.

Kitty said...

Thanks Meead!

Hi Susu
I checked and it's actually 'pupusa'. I'd never heard of them before and now I won't forget them.

Fashion Schlub said...

Wow, you certainly get around!

Love the shot...I love people shots, I'm just chicken :-)

And a pupuya is a papaya pupusa :-)

Bettye <- wishing we had food carts out here in Islip....

Mom Knows Everything said...

That sounds good! Eating outdoors always seems to make food taste better doesn't it.

fishwithoutbicycle said...

You're making me hungry Kitty :-)