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Saturday, August 30, 2008

More of the Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge pier
Photo by myself of the Brooklyn Bridge.

The piers and cables of this bridge are so striking.


Mark and I had gone to a park along the Brooklyn waterfront last weekend to take some photos.

We were close to the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges, and you could see the 59th Street bridge in the background. Most of the iconic bridges are on the East Side of Manhattan.

The George Washington Bridge is to the east, but way up North beyond Harlem. The Lincoln Tunnel links Manhattan to New Jersey.

The view was panoramic. The view at night, though, is really spectacular. Next time we'll have to go at sunset with a tripod.

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Fashion Schlub said...

I love the NY bridges. When I drive to the city from my home on Long Island, I take the Queensboro Bridge instead of the tunnel, and it's so magical to me, like lacework.

When I was little, whenever we would be driving to a family vacation, and would drive over the Verrazano Bridge, my father would always say he'd read in Time (or Newsweek) magazine, that if you took all the pieces (cables, pipes, lines, etc) of it, and laid them end to end, that they'd reach the moon. Being young, and him my father, I believed it - but, is that really true??

Kitty said...

Hi Islipian
The bridges are pretty cool, aren't they? They're rather sculptural.

They make more sense to me than tunnels, because you can see whether there is traffic backed up, pedestrians and cyclists can use them, and they have personality (or they can. Not all of them do).

I'm not sure about the moon idea. Hm. Interesting!

Virginia said...

Thanks to all you NYC bloggers I am realizing how lovely and interesting your bridges are. Great angle on this shot.

Anonymous said...

Such an iconic image - nice shot, as always... and I love Islipian's childhood story!

I wonder what determines whether to build a tunnel vs a bridge? Is it the potential for obstructing views? Other engineering considerations? Seems like a tunnel would be far more expensive - and dangerous?!

Anonymous said...

George Washington Bridge and the Brooklyn Bridge are my two favorite bridges from NY. Great shot!

Kitty said...

Thanks Virginia!
A huge hello to the Birmingham Daily Photo site. :-)

Hi Spandrel
I have no idea how they make these decisions about bridges and tunnels. I would love to know.

Welcome and thanks, Diana!

Wayne said...

I'll be in NYC for the first time in several years in September. I've made up my mind to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge on this visit.

And it's all your fault Kitty.

Kitty said...

lol Wayne. Have a grand time! :-)

You are in for such a treat. Be sure to take time on the Brooklyn end. Visit the promenade and admire the view. Then walk to Brooklyn Heights, just a couple blocks away.

Montague Street is the main drag, though there are several streets there lined with shops and restaurants. You'll see strollers, yuppies, food shops and coffee bars.

September is truly pretty here. You're bound to have a wonderful trip. If you have an itinerary and need restaurant suggestions, lemme know!

dianasfaria.com said...

I will definitely be walking across the bridge this Fall. I've always wanted too so I guess I should make it a plan. I want to see up close and personal what you have captured here in this lovely photo!