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Thursday, August 14, 2008

More on Sport

Public Courts, West 4th Street
Photo by myself, from the public basketball courts at West 4th Street and 6th Avenue.

Several games and practices going on in these two, small courts this weekend.


The Olympics are going on right now, and it's hard to tell whether the coverage we're watching is distorted toward the Americans.

Mark asked me this morning though who came in third for the women's team gymnastics competition. I had to admit that I didn't know; the focus last night was on the Americans versus China.

For those living in countries other than the US, what's the coverage like on television? Are there interviews and in-depth histories of athletes from countries other than your own?

Mark and I have been especially mesmerized by the swimming competitions, with the swimmers' distorted bodies and the underwater cameras.

'Weird looking!' I'd say, regarding the hulking shoulders and insanely small waists. Often too, the

'No ears. That's why they look strange.'

I suppose. With the ears pinned back, a tight cap, goggles and a unitard, who could look normal?

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Sally said...

Of course it would be! Everyone's is! Which is only natural. LOL.
This is just a classic NYC shot, as seen in a thousand good and a thousand and one bad movies over a lifetime!
Was Felix the Cat Australian? Find out at Sydney Daily Photo!

Olivier said...

quand je viens à NYC, j'aime bien aller voir les matchs de playground, c'est assez prenant, impressionnant. On dirait qu'il joue leur vie sur chaque balle.
Je pense que l'équipe USA devrait enfin ramener la médaille d'or

when I come to NYC, I like to go see the matches playground, is taking quite impressive. It seems that life plays on every ball.
I think the team USA should finally bring gold medal

dianasfaria.com said...

I was just over there yesterday telling my nieces that in the five years I lived in the village, I've never once walked by this court when it was empty! There is always some action going on there.
I think I am the only person not watching the Olympics, I better start before it's over.
When is it over?

Eva said...

Hi kitty:-)

I have missed your pictures (I have been on vacation for four weeks. It's good to be back on your site.)

I haven't watched the Olympics so I have no idea what the coverage is like over here. I have noticed that there is a lot of negative stories coming out, not the interviews with gold medal winners we usually see. I think it's sad for those who compete.

I love your picture. It's like I remember the baseball courts from NYC.

Hugs from Eva :-)

Mom Knows Everything said...

It's on constantly on the Canadian channels. I don't get to watch too much TV though.

Kitty said...

thanks for coming by, Sally!
Yeah, it seems like NY is immediately identified with street ball.

Hi Olivier
these men, women, girls and boys take their hoops quite seriously, lol. And good point about the US team. Funny they haven't won anything with all their mega stars

Hi Lily
I'm not sure when the Olympics is over. I don't think there is too much left?
You live in a cool part of town. So lucky. I'd love to live there but would be afraid I'd be distracted all the time by so much going on. It's so charming.

Hi Eva
welcome home! I cannot imagine being away for four weeks.

Americans tend to elevate everyone to the level of celebrity. I was hoping to see what other countries do. I'm curious to know what negative stories you mean.

Hi Tammy
I feel bad for you not watching tv, but then, you'll come out with more brain cells than the rest of us, lol

Ruvym said...

Its been a while. I'd have more to say about the Olympics if I had TV, but I do not, so I don't.

But I did manage to catch some of women's swimming yesterday after scurrying back inside my friends house while his BBQ got washed away by the weather. What's up with them? When guys swim it seems like they burn all the fat off their bodies and they're these walking masses of muscle. But these women look weird, manly not because they're ripped (like the Volleyball players) but just because they're big and hulking and (facially) unattractive. Is it like a requirement that you have to be scary-looking to be a female swimmer? How unfortunate.

Eva said...

kitty, when I said negative stories, I was thinking of the negative angle: Like, the little girl who sang at the opening ceremony. Turns out, she was just mimicing because the one singing wasn't cute enough for chinese television.
Then you have the athlete who threw his bronze medal onto the floor because he thought the match was biazed.
Then you have the Chinese gymnastics who have suddenly and mysteriously become a few years older than they were a few years ago (they registered at younger ages in competitions last year.)

I don't know, but it seems to me that the focus is not the regular whining (weird food, too crowded, too cold/too warm...).

dianasfaria.com said...

I don't live there anymore, that five years I lived there was well over 5 years ago! sorry to mislead...I was just visiting with my nieces and son.