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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Metal to be recycled at the Scrap Yard
Photo by myself, of the metal scrap yards near the Gowanus Canal in Brooklyn.

Cars along the overpass above, are headed into Manhattan.


I'm assuming all this metal is going to be recycled and reused.

Metal is like that. Steel, especially, since its strength remains unchanged after being melted down.

In Manhattan, believe it or not, not all the office buildings recycle paper. The recycling bins might be there, office workers may dutifully separate their trash, but if the maintenance company for the building doesn't support recycling, all the waste will be mixed up again and placed at the curb.

In the last couple of offices where I've worked, this has been the case. It didn't help to lobby, plead with or bribe the cleaning crew.

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Olivier said...

NYC la ville toujours en mouvement, ce qui permet chaque année de découvrir de nouvelles choses ;o)

NYC city always on the move, which allows each year to discover new things ;o)

Kizz said...

I've got the same problem in the building I'm in right now. Actually each company has the option to hire their own maintenance company which means hiring their own garbage pick up. If you mush everything together then you only hire one truck, one pick up. If you want to recycle you have to hire one garbage truck and one recycling truck so companies don't like to do it. I thought it was the law you had to recycle but it turns out that it's only the law that you have to separate the garbage and recycle if you're using city trash pick up. I learn something new every day. Let's hope today it's something more hopeful.

BrianC said...

What about the giant shredder trucks that prowl Manhattan looking for paper? Where does that stuff end up? Would that be an option for a firm's paper disposal needs?

Wayne said...

Sounds to me like somebody needs their wrists (or something) slapped.

It isn't perfect here but there are potential penalties for introducing recyclables into the waste stream. All the buildings I've been connected with have paper and cardboard collected separately.

Daryl said...

I have been remiss in not visiting for a few days .. lots of really good native New Yawker pix you've taken .. I especially like the Ansonia which I pass every evening on the way up Broadway from the 72 St subway ... I like the light and how you caught that 'twilight' time twixt dusk and dark so you have the street lights and the apartment lights to contrast the darkening skies


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