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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Policing the Subway, Midtown

Policing The Streets
Photo by myself in Midtown, around 34th Street and 6th Avenue.

There was something going on outside the subway, Wednesday. There were police, a police dog, flack jackets and very large guns.

When I encounter such groups, I'm not sure whether to feel more or less safe.


I really enjoy taking photos of the NYPD.

They're always in uniform, and the uniforms are dark, which means that they cut a strong, photogenic silhouette.

You'd think it's hard to look good in pants and a bulletproof vest, but these folks generally do a great job.

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Olivier said...

on se croirait dans un vieux film policier.

they would imagine in an old police film.

Mom Knows Everything said...

That would scare me to see them.

Wayne said...

The shorter one looks like he's giving you the hairy eyeball Kitty.

Vancouver doesn't have these guys on the street. They appear as if by magic when someone is holed up someplace with a gun.

I saw these guys on Wall St. when I was there and I took a couple of pics from across the street just because they bug me so much.

ChickenUnderwear said...

Those giant guns never make me feel safer

Woody said...


Just found your blog as a link to another one I was just at. Great Photos and Blog! I plan on stopping back

Janet Kincaid said...

Wow! Great picture. The NYPD don't give you grief for photographing them? Down here, there are so many agencies with jurisdiction, I hardly dare photograph any of them for fear they'll think I'm terrorist or some stupid thing.

Profile Not Available said...

Very nicely composed! I agree, I don't know how situations like this make me feel either.