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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Live, From Chinatown

Shopping in Chinatown
Photo by myself in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, around 60th Street and 8th Avenue.

Mark and I only recently discovered a neighborhood of Chinese and Vietnamese markets and restaurants in Brooklyn. Now we don't have to travel to Manhattan for dim sum or a hearty bowl of noodles.

Many of the open markets sell live fish and shellfish. This young girl was put off by the crabs wriggling in the bin.


The Brooklyn version of Chinatown is located in Sunset Park. Take the N train to the 8th Avenue stop at 62nd Street.

With the fall season, vendors are selling Lichi, a delicious, delicate fruit.

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Fredrik said...

Nice photo!
It must be great to have that option. You live in a microcosmos of the world.

Anonymous said...

It's nice to have things and services close by. That way you can choose whether you want to commute or not.

Profile Not Available said...

Another terrific shot! I wish I captured people as well as you do!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for these wonderful pictures. As I strolled your blog I was wondering to myself: "Why do her captions keep saying she was by herself?" Then I realized what you mean :) These pictures remind me of living in New York and how much I love it there. Thanks for making this available for me to stop in every day and see what you're up to.

dianasfaria.com said...

I have to go there and check it out. Very neat stuff!

Anonymous said...

I enjoy street candids especially when you got no one else just these 3 people within the frame. The story is really up to one's imagination.

Annie said...

Love your photos..they are great..

and thanks for visiting my humble little blog..I am not getting out and about as much lately here as I did when I was in NY..!


Kris McCracken said...

I miss not having a Chinatown here in Hobart, always a decent meal to be had at a good price.

Olivier said...

je ne connais pas le Chinatown de Brooklyn, est-il moins touristique que celui de Manhattan ? et tout aussi vivant ?

I do not know the Brooklyn Chinatown, it is less tourist than Manhattan? and just as alive?

Ming the Merciless said...

I've heard of it from many people but never been there.

I usually go to the one in Manhattan or Flushing for Chinese food.

Hey, you should organize a NYC Photo Blog meet-up for dim sum in Brooklyn. :-)