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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Neon Storefronts, Midtown

Preview booths, Midtown
Photo by myself in Midtown.

The area around Port Authority and Times Square may be cleansed, but there are still gritty bits in the city here and there.

Seeing these places open and running in the mornings, I have to say, is quite weird.

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Guy D said...

Man I miss New York City. My 2nd favourite city on earth. Thanks for sharing your pics!



valeria said...

So New York! Beautiful photo! Wish I was there.

Olivier said...

belle photo d'ambiance, cela me rappelle la 8th avenue entre l'h├┤tel New-Yorker et la 42th street, il y a beaucoup de boutiques de ce type, ce qui permet de faire des belles photos de nuit.
beautiful picture of ambience , it reminds me of 8th Avenue between the Hotel New Yorker and 42th street, there are many shops of this type, thus making beautiful pictures of night.

Anonymous said...

I love the seedy bits of cities and yes particularly during daylight when it seems so incongruous.

Just had to pop down and peep at the puppy photos. He is SO gorgeous.

[Guilherme] said...

your pictures are always so great.
i wish i lived in ny when i see them!

dianasfaria.com said...

Yikes! creepy too..

Victor said...

Very nice slice of NY pie. Cheers!

Mom Knows Everything said...

What are preview booths? It says that in one of the signs.

Kitty said...

Welcome Migs Fan!
I'd love to know what your favorite city is.

Thanks Valeria!

Hi Olivier
You're right..there are seedy places in that area, I think because the neighborhood is transient. There are hotels and workplaces but few permanent residences

Great point, RB. Without the neon, you don't notice these places during the day.

I'm undecided whether to make a Rupert blog or just post his photos here!

Thanks Luis and welcome!

Hi Lily
I feel guilty just walking by these places.

Hi Snapper
thanks for visiting!

Hi Tammy
I think preview booths are booths where you can preview an x-rated movie before purchasing it? That's just my guess, lol.

Ken Mac said...

thank God for the gritty bits!