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Friday, October 10, 2008

Under the Overpass, in Harlem

125th Street
Photo by myself around 125th Street, in Harlem.

Earlier this year, Mark and I drove by the elevated subway line in Harlem. The sheer size of the trusses struck me as being monumental.

New York doesn't have an elevated train as they do in Chicago. The subways typically run below ground, except for moments like these in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx.

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Anonymous said...

Underpinnings like this can make the most intricate photos - nice job capturing the details, Kitty!

Kitty said...

thanks Spandrel!

dianasfaria.com said...

you really get a feel for how big it is from this perspective. Cool shot.

Lady Di Tn said...

Have you ever ridden on the subway that you photograph.? Peace

Anil P said...

Theyre massive indeed.

Ken Mac said...

did you see the NY Times on the guy photographed the trusses in fear Columbia would eventually take the entire neighborhood? great stuff

Profile Not Available said...

I have seen the support structures for the elevated train in Chicago - in fact, I used to have to climb the stairs to catch my train every day - but they were nothing in size compared to these! These are HUGE! Great detail!

Wayne said...

I sat on this for a while after I first saw it thinking I'd come up with a reasonably coherent explanation for why I like it so much.

I didn't. I just like it.

Kitty said...

Hi Lily
It's funny, I think I took this photo from the car while driving by. It feels especially big when sitting in a tiny Mini Cooper, lol.

Hi Lady Di
Good question. I haven't ridden in the subway (the 6 train) in this part of the woods, and I imagine it's a cool view!

Welcome Anil P and thanks for visiting! I look forward to checking out your blog.

Hi Ken Mac
I'll check that NYT article out. Sounds like an interesting read!

Hi Kelly,
I've always heard of the El in Chicago and rode it a million years ago. I'd love to revisit.

Hi Wayne
thanks so much. Not sure why I like it...maybe because of all the rust down there?

Troop 1309 said...

Living in a small town for such a long time makes me forget how big things are in a large city. Our tallest building is 4 stories, lol.

Kris McCracken said...

How would you rate the quality of the NY subway system?

Unknown said...

That is a great shot of the beast.

Kitty said...

Hi Jana
interesting about the tallest building in your town. I have to keep reminding myself that most people live in places that don't have elevators.

Hi Kris
The subway is a sore spot for us, I think. The system is generally okay (it runs) but it's nowhere close to the London rail, which is speedy and lets you know when the next train is coming.

All PA information is announced in English. If you don't know English and the subway is rerouted due to repair, you're a goner.

The good thing is that most areas of the 5 boroughs are convenient to the train. Those that aren't are usually populated with younger people (who have the legs to walk the extra blocks) and those with cars.

Thanks and welcome, Evan!