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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Down in the Village

Romanesque facade
Photo by myself in the village, around 15th Street and Fifth Avenue.

I liked this Romanesque facade for its contrasting smooth and rough stone, and delicate railings.


Saturday was a dreary, rainy day in the the city. It was the perfect day to stay inside and nest.

Here's a photo from earlier this year. This just illustrates how buildings stay the same but their tenants change all the time.

This building could contain anything, from a school to a museum.

It's actually now houses an institution that promotes the awareness of Buddhism in New York. They hold a bunch of seminars about world peace and Buddhism throughout the year.

You can read more about the group here.

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Anonymous said...

I hope you had a nice nesting day all snuggled up with Rupert.

I loved the bridge in the photo below. You'd feel really vulnerable when in the middle of it - high above the street.

It's actually sunny here today so I think I should make the most of it and go out for a walk.

Anonymous said...

hope you had a good day :)

tr3nta said...

Nice capture. I like the immobility versus mobility on this photo...

Ken Mac said...

this is my where my buddy does his daily chanting. Did you go in? Did you chant?

Kitty said...

Hi RB!
oh yes, there was much snuggling this weekend. We can't seem to get enough of it n this household, lol.

Glad to know it's not so bad out there in the UK!

Hi Kaylee and thanks!

Hi Tr3nta
Thanks, I hadn't thought of that. The rustic stone has a great effect.

Hi Ken Mac
No, I didn't go in. Actually, I didn't know what the building was for until after the fact.

Mark had been under the impression that SGI had something to do with Silicon Graphics. Someone had told him that top secret computer people used the building under heavy surveillance. lol

I have to wonder whether all the Tibet rally people also frequent this place? It has the perfect location!

Anonymous said...

love thr village great architecture there!! très belle photo avec ce mouvement!!

Andrea said...

I love it how you always manage to capture movement so perfectly, like the guy in this picture walking by.
That is something I am yet to try.