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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Going Up, Going Down

Photo by myself in Midtown, around Fifth Avenue and 40th Streets.

Despite the economy, there are still many construction projects underway in Manhattan.

Any project that was planned when the economy started to falter was already funded, so you still see a lot of scaffolding and construction workers in the city.

This scaffolding has a slot in it to avoid a No Parking sign.


Well, today one of my projects fell through.

It was three-bedroom renovation on Central Park, and we'd gotten initial estimates from the contractor. The proposed design included replacing all the windows, installing lighting for the owner's art collection, installing air conditioning and some cabinetry.

Because of the economy and some technical issues, the project is put on hold. Just like that. The client told me he loved our design, etc., etc., but the time wasn't right. Maybe in two years....

I don't blame him for getting cold feet. Most people would feel the same. Our office is still rather busy, but I can't help but feel nervous. Eek.

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Anonymous said...

Just to think that stopping all projects will simply get us deeper into recession. But to be different, to believe in the future... not an easy thing to do.

tr3nta said...

Great looking up, I like how the workers look on this shot.

Fashion Schlub said...

Great shot - love the adjustment made for the np parking sign!

Sorry you lost a job - it's a scary time. My business is struggling as well. It's hard when you feel your belt is as tight as it can go...and you discover you need to tighten it even more. ouch.

Anonymous said...

Cool photo! I like the angle of the photo. Sorry about the lost job. Hopefully something else will come along -- something bigger and better. ;-)


Ken Mac said...

I just lost one of my steady writing gigs at Yahoo.com, tightening the belt I'm told. You are not alone...