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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Grace Church, in Black and White

Grace Church, Broadway
Photo by myself of Grace Church, on Broadway and East 10th Street.

This very pretty neo-Gothic church is a little gem in this area of the Village. It's a national landmark, and its gorgeous details and pristine green lawn are fenced off from the busy street.

A homeless man and his belongings are standing out in front.


Having this long weekend off from work has been a mini-vacation. In fact, Friday seemed like the longest day ever, filled with little errands in the neighborhood.

Speaking of vacations, Mark and I readying ourselves for a week-long trip to Mexico, beginning next Saturday, planned eons ago. It's a shaky time to leave the country but then, there is never a good time to take off.

We'll have computer access while we're away, and I am bringing my camera, of course. So I'll either be posting from my stash of NY photos or photos of the little Mexican town where we'll be staying.

Strange to say, but I feel nostalgic for New York already!

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Anonymous said...

What a nice time of year to escape to Mexico - hope weather is fabulous! Winter seems to have snuck up on us, all of a sudden.... Enjoy!

Virginia said...

Nice photo today Kitty. I like the shopper/homeless person off to the right. Gives the photo extra interest.
Glad you had a break from work!

Jay_ said...

Wow, very nice picture.

Mom Knows Everything said...

I love pictures of churches!

Fredrik said...

Great picture. Have a nice trip to Mexico.
Hasta la vista!

dianasfaria.com said...

I love this church. It's striking in black and white.
Wow! Mexico! Anytime is a great time to get away, have fun Kitty (& Mark).

BrianC said...

I was married in this church. If the doors are open when you walk by, go inside. The stained-glass windows are incredible.