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Friday, November 14, 2008

In the Rain, Midtown

Photo by myself in Midtown.

The whole idea of New York being littered with black umbrellas is often true. Many rainy days, I will find myself in a sea of black.

But then there are rainy days where you notice the colorful spots, in someone's handbag, or a neon sign, or the reflection of traffic lights.


Friends of mine were shaking in their shoes Thursday, worried about the layoffs that were going on in their office.

I didn't know what to write to reassure them, except that whatever happened, they'd be able to handle it, and that often the fear of something was far worse than the thing itself.

I hope everyone out there has found shelter from the storm.

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dianasfaria.com said...

I think you are right about the fear. & change inevitably winds up being good, even though sometimes it can be painful. Though these seem like all the wrong things to say to a worried friend.

valeria said...

I'd love to buy a pair of colourful wellies for rainy days...

Kitty said...

thanks lily
yes, what can one say, really. It's tough, when everyone is in the same (worried) boat!

have a good weekend

Hi Valeria
I agree, I think rain gear is highly under-rated. There's nothing so good as a brightly colored umbrella or pair of boots!