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Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Markets in Union Square

Holiday shopping, Union Sq.
Photo by myself in Union Square, at 14th Street and University Place.

Already the crowds are swarming at open holiday markets, such as Union Square, above. Even though the wind was high and the weather cold, shoppers crowded the area.

Similar markets can be found in Bryant Park and Grand Central Subway Terminal, where you can get all sorts of unusual handicraft gifts.


Since I'd gone to Boston last weekend, this weekend seems like a luxury.

I highly recommend the following tactic to those who are short on time - take even more time out of your schedule. Then when you get back to your normal, harried life, you will feel better.

Saturday I was doing some errands, despite the terrible cold. There were tons of people milling about the stores, though not necessarily purchasing anything.

It was great to see the city outside and active, since it's the people that make a city come alive.

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dianasfaria.com said...

Love this shot from the inside looking out.
& So true Kitty. Though I am reluctant to do so, every time I take off from work I always feel re-energized!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I think you are right re the time thing. I love the next weekend after I have been away - it feels like I have all this time just waiting ot be filled and I am free to spend it exactly as I wish (well vaguely anyway).

I love markets.

We have snow this morning - beautiful.

Profile Not Available said...

Great advice!

This chess set is surely something! All of that intricate detail!

Ken Mac said...

mighty fine depth of field on that one!

Anonymous said...

There is an award for you over at my place. Love your photos!