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Sunday, February 15, 2009

From the Great White Way

Times Sq, NYC
Photo by myself in Times Square.

Huge illuminated billboards advertise musicals playing in the Theater District nearby. With all the lights, this area is referred to as 'The Great White Way'.

For those visiting who want to see a show, you can go to the TKTS booths in Times Square, South Street Seaport and Brooklyn for discounted tickets the day of the performance.


I feel lucky to have met photographers, graphic designers and artists during my time in New York.

A coworker's cousin stars in a play on 43rd Street. Without a day job. I lived in the same building as an opera singer. I could hear her practicing the few days a month when she was in town.

One of Mark's good friends used to photograph for Rolling Stone. He's a talented painter who now works with computer animation.

A friend of a friend is the lead singer in a band with a small following. He travels some, drinks hard and feels he will never truly 'make it'. I have listened to him rant, vodka bottle in hand, about the cutthroat music business. I get the sense it's a love-hate relationship that he can't save himself from.

Countless others slough it away at their day jobs, while trying to make it as an actor or stylist in their free time. It's these folks and the established creatives who form my idea of New York - a city that is vibrant, persevering and colorful.

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Fredrik said...

Great colours! Your city never sleeps. Neon lights all night long. Have you ever experienced a power cut in NYC? That must be quite exotic.

Donna j. Gehl said...

You can feel the energy from the city just by seeing the photos. Looks like a good time to be there, although I prefer the fall.

Hilda said...

I'd love to watch some of those shows! Your shot makes the street look so exciting!

Kitty said...

Hi Fredrik
I seem to remember a black out during a snowstorm some years back. The streets were empty because the streetlights weren't working...but all other details are hazy in my head.

Black outs are rare here. It's more likely that everyone gets very nervous about blizzards or hurricanes that never come. Or there are big rainstorms that mess up the subways. That kind of thing. ;-)

Thanks Donna, and welcome!
The Fall is one of the prime times to visit.

Thanks Hilda!
That night, it wasn't as packed as usual, believe it or not.

Anonymous said...

Your friend with the band needs to think more positively! I feel so bad hear someone cut themselves off at the knees like that... If he's got a following maybe he really can make it work!