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Saturday, February 28, 2009

On A Mission in the East Village

Animal Rescue, NYC
Photo by myself in the East Village, at 4th Street and 1st Avenue.

Social Tees, a small company that does custom screen printing on t-shirts and other wearables, also rescues all sorts of animals.

Two cats slept in the front window, while other creatures were inside, safe from the rain.


The East Village has long been synonymous with artists and grass roots activism. The tiny storefront, above, is just one example, all in one place.

For whatever reason, there are tons of cute little Japanese restaurants in the neighborhood. There are also tons of bars, some of them very 'down-to-earth', others more hip.

As you walk eastward, the avenues decrease - after 2nd Avenue comes 1st Avenue, followed by Avenue A, Avenue B, and so on. The lettered avenues constitute Alphabet City, which used to mean 'best not go there at night because you might not come out with your wallet'.

Nowadays the far reaches of the East Village are rather safe, though it remains a long hike to the subway.

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Anonymous said...

The Japanese are a frugal people in business at least until well established. I suspect the like the cheap rent.

Lori said...

I haven't been to your blog in a while, but posts like this remind me why it's my favorite New York blog and that I should come back much more often.

Anonymous said...

aha! so that explains alphabet city, now i know :}