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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Columbus Circle, at Dusk

Columbus Circle, NYC
Photo by myself in Columbus Circle, at 59th Street and Broadway.

Despite the economic situation, the streets are still bustling here, with tourists, street vendors, cyclists, cabbies and regular New Yorkers.

This little corner near Central Park is one of my favorite places, with its mix of older buildings and new glass towers. There's a rotary and a fountain, and a large open space that makes for a dramatic view, day or night.


Work has been busy with late nights and stress. Friday, I stayed past nine for a deadline, and took a cab home with some coworkers who live nearby.

'Park Slope. Take the FDR to the Brooklyn Bridge, please.'

I could see the cabbie give us a look in the rear view mirror. He did not seem happy.

I've had cabbies refuse to drive to Brooklyn, but by law, they're supposed to drive you anywhere in the five boroughs. Their worry is that by driving outside Manhattan, they're less likely to find a return fare.

The common excuse is that they're wrapping up for the night and have to hand the cab off. Since taxi medallions are so expensive, (one sold for more than 500k last year), it's common for cab drivers to run in shifts, with the same vehicle.

There are gypsy cabs too, large dark sedans that quote you a price for a trip, however, these are not legal in New York. As a pedestrian you're expected to use a yellow cab, which are numbered and use meters to determine their fares.

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Fredrik said...

This is exactly the image I have of NYC. Great evening shot!

Citygirl.em said...

I just discovered your blog and added it to my own blogroll. Your photos truly make me yearn for NYC. I've been to this exact spot and it brings back memories. Thank you for your city candids. They make me want to come back for another visit.


dianasfaria.com said...

what a great shot Kitty. I love the feel of it, the ambience.

Dottie Jo said...

Wonderful photo - I love Columbus Circle. Do you work nearby?

Kitty said...

Hi Fredrik
Congrats on your new avatar. You look thoughtful!

Welcome and thank you, City Girl
I hope to visit your blog soon

Hi Lily
Thanks...yes you can just about feel spring coming on when strolling at night will be a regular thing.

Hi Dottie Jo
Welcome aboard. I don't work nearby but am often in the neighborhood. I used to live 15 blocks away and love the Upper West Side.