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Monday, March 2, 2009

On the Brooklyn Bridge

On the Brooklyn Bridge
Photo by myself of the Brooklyn Bridge, out the sunroof of Mark's car.

The Brooklyn Bridge is one of the most recognizable icons in New York because of its distinctive stone piers and diagonal cables. If you're in town on a nice day and have the chance to walk across it, you should. Cars run on one level, while pedestrians and cyclists have the upper level to themselves.

Pedestrian access to the bridge starts near City Hall on Centre Street. You wind up on the other side in Brooklyn Heights, where you can walk on the Brooklyn Promenade along the East River.


Who doesn't like a happy ending? In the Times, you can read about a recent New York incident that turned out okay.

A woman named Hannah Emily Upp was found last year after going missing for three weeks. She'd had a rare episode of memory loss, where she forgot her identity, similar to Jason Bourne in the Bourne series (though not at all violent).

Upp wandered around the city without identification cards or money, and was found in the waters off Staten Island. Only now has she been interviewed about the incident.

Once in a while, you see 'Missing' signs posted on the street, and you hear something in the local news. I assume the person wanted to go missing, and they were either running from something, or being chased.

It's nice to see that 'Missing' can mean a happy ending.

Click here for the Times article.

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Mike said...

Hi Kitty! I have not been here in ages. I have 25 blogs now. I love the design of that bridge. NYC is a great place for photography. I would have endless pictures if I was there for a day.

Anonymous said...

Missing Person stories are endlessly fascinating, aren't they? I always let my imagination run riot but like you assume the people intended to disappear.
But what a happy ending. It could all have been so different too.
I love bridges as you know. It is good that pedestrians and cyclists have their own deck - great!

Olivier said...

malheureusement encore beaucoup de "Missing" à cause du 11 Septembre. J'imagine toujours, que des personnes ont du en profiter pour refaire leur vie

Kengot said...

Great bridge!!
And statue man.

Fredrik said...

I'd like to photograph the NYC skyline from underneath that bridge – a classic.

Miranda McAfee said...

I love all the lines in different directions. Great composition.

Annie said...

and is that the bridge that when you walk over it, you can see thru the cracks down to the river below?

Kitty said...

Thanks everyone! It's nice to post a happy story for once. ;-)

I'm not sure, Annie, whether you can see the water below. The pedestrian walkway is on the upper level and you can see the cars below (there is a cut-out in the middle and you see them whizzing past).

I'll have to walk across when it's warmer and get more photos. It's one of my favorite places in the city.