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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A Rupert Update

Photo of our 7-month old puppy, Rupert.


Life has been so busy that I haven't taken photos of Rupert recently. Here's a picture from earlier this year.

Our Boston Terrier puppy has turned 7-months old, and he is due for another movie. Mark has been creating little movies of Rupert every month. I will let y'all know when the next one is done!

In general, Rupert has been doing great, slowly becoming an adult dog. He plays well with others, enjoys the doggie run, long walks and liver treats. He does tricks. He routinely gets into trouble when tired.

Like any dog of substance, a romp with other dogs is preferred over food. Pastimes include chewing, rooting around and sleeping late under the covers.

Ah, the life of a pup!

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Olivier said...

il est tout mignon.........

Anonymous said...

Aww there he is. I was lying reading on Dog Beach yesterday when someone yelled out "No, Rupert, no" and I looked up kind of expecting to see your Rupert - but it was a long stringy dog (I am not good on breeds - some lurcher in there I reckon)

Glad he is keeping you on your toes anyway.

pharmacy said...

I have a Boston Terrier, his name is Drago and I have to say it looks like Rupert, except because mine is older and a few bigger.