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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Bird's Eye View, near Bryant Park

From the 28th Floor
Photo by myself near Bryant Park, at 42nd Street and Sixth Avenue.

Yesterday I attended a meeting on the 28th Floor of a tower near Bryant Park. The view was pretty incredible.


Before the use of computer-generated images in the architectural profession, all drawings were done by hand.

Perspective views were painstakingly constructed using plans and sections. Now with the touch of a button, the computer can send you from one viewpoint to the next, or connect viewpoints together as if you're being wheeled on a camera dolly.

The computer programs can simulate cameras lens types, too: 35mm, wide angle and fish eye, for example. Each lens type has an affect on the image that is produced, by giving the picture perceived depth or flattening it.

There wasn't so much variety in the old days when we drew by hand, since each image took time to create. You couldn't experiment so easily. I feel we're lazier now because we use the computer to figure out perspective views through trial and error. Before, you had to conceive of how an image would look like in your head first, before putting pencil down on paper.

Two popular terms that describe perspectives are the 'bird's eye view' and the 'worm's eye view'. The names are self-explanatory, and describe extremes in points of view.

Here's the same view in color:

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Hilda said...

I agree — the view is amazing, and your photo is too!

Olivier said...

MAGNIFIQUE, ma photo préférée, on a l'impression de voir une photo des années 1970. Superbe et c'est tellement beau, cela me manque. j'espère venir en Octobre

MAGNIFIQUE, my favorite picture, the impression of seeing a photo of the 1970s. Superb and it's so beautiful, I miss it. I come in October

Laurent said...

Oh I really LOVE this picture! Can't wait to be in NY next october.
Thanks for your posts and greatings from Paris

agrajag said...

Very well composed, I love this photo!

Anonymous said...

Nice photo and interesting narrative.

Birdman said...

Love this one! Shot through glass? Your pictures are quite interesting. What a city!

chimesey said...

Good stuff!

James said...

Amazing stuff and the photo is outstandig.

Velvet Eden said...

Hi Kitty!What a beautiful photo!

Could you perhaps include the colored shot too so that the readers can see what it looks like with color?

Just a suggestion. I Would love to see the place in color!

Mom Knows Everything said...

That is gorgeous Kitty! It looks like a scene from a movie!

Unknown said...

That's such a fantastic view! Wow what a shot.

ChickenUnderwear said...

Wow, and that is only the 28th floor!

Ming the Merciless said...

Same with photography! It used to be such that we won't know the outcomes of the photos until they are developed. But now, it's voila, you can see the images immediately.

valeria said...

If it was a postcard I would surely choose it among a hundred different NY views!

Fredrik said...

Have to agree with all the rest. This is a postcard picture of NYC. Great in b&w!

Brooke said...

this is an awesome picture! I love how you capture the street life, this is something I need to work on.

Fabio Galletti, Italy said...

That's exactly the image I'm looking for.
May I ask to have a copy of it, larger resolution you have?
I dream to print it in poster size, frame it and hang in my home.
If you would contact me, we will arrange how. (detail below)

I was in NYC last year, and I popped out from subway exactly in front on the Grand Central Terminal.
My first view of NYC was the Chrysler Building. And That's was the first kick to get in love with the City.

Back in Italy, I tried to find a photo, or an art print, or something about that.
But I can't found the “right” one.
Art prints and posters shops offered a wide quantity of Crrysler building images, in three main categories:
- Photos of the “point” without the building below.
- Street level photos from Bryant Park, where the building is half covered, or from just below (as I first seen it), where one could see only the walls pointing into the sky, (and you barerly understand that Chrysler and not the Empire States or something in Hong Kong).
- Air views, when the Chrysler seems somewhat short and “fat”, surrounded and confused with all buildings around. Black and White aerial views are mostly a mess of darks, details blurred in a dull black. Coloured prints had lights that seems out of a disneyworld's castle.
I tried on at least forty on-line shops, with no results.

I couldn't find THAT photo. The Chrysler Building alone, a stark black and white not too dark, from the right level to see the building alone and not distorted by extreme perespectives.

So I beg you to help me to have THAT photo hung in my living room.

I had no idea how to send you a private message, so here my blog http://locomotiva1.splinder.com and an E-mail address I use to attract spam and similar. Fabio.galletti-loco (at) poste.it
Sorry No facebook, no Myspace or any social network account.

BTW, i'm slowly watching every single photo of your: the not-tourist eye on NYC is fantastic, and -who knows- I may find some more space on my walls to hung on something else...