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Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Brooklyn Ice House, Red Hook

Brooklyn Ice House
Photo by myself in Red Hook, Brooklyn.

Red Hook is a slightly gritty, quirky neighborhood. It's located on the edge of Brooklyn by the water and unfortunately does not have direct access to the subway.


There's an article in the Times this week about how little New Yorkers get in unemployment benefits.

Despite the high cost of living here, New Yorkers get much less per week than other cities - $430/week here, versus $540/week in nearby Trenton or Boston. When you consider how much rent is, it's no wonder that many young single people are moving out of the city.

I had drinks with two unemployed friends on Friday. One told me about taking his 4-year old daughter to see the circus. Snow cones there cost 15 bucks a piece!

Did he get his daughter the expensive snow cone, you ask?

No way. But he did re-enroll her in her favorite dance class instead.

For the article about unemployment in the Times, click here.

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Spandrel Studios said...

Given the extreme cost of living in New York, I wonder how lawmakers can justify leaving the highest payment so darned low? Guess *they've* never had to get by on so little...

B SQUARED said...

It looks like this could easily been shot 50 years ago if not longer.

dianasfaria.com said...

An ice house! this is so cool. I want to go there and check it out in person.

$15 dollars for a snow cone is outrageous.

Ken Mac said...

thought you could take the F train, then get the Ikea shuttle to Red Hook? I gotta get out there! 15 for a snow cone? insane

Anonymous said...

WOW. Baby got BACK!