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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Trinity Church, at Dusk

Trinity Church, NYC
Photo by myself of Trinity Church, downtown at Broadway and Wall Street.

Here's another photo from my jaunt downtown the other day. Just around the corner from the Stock Exchange, the church has occupied this piece of land since the late 17th century. It's since been rebuilt several times.

The grounds are fenced off and there are gravestones surrounding the church. Alexander Hamilton is buried there.

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Olivier said...

douce lumiere sur cette ├ęglise, elle est belle entre tous les immeubles du quartier financier

Fredrik said...

Lovely light! I love shooting churches. A favourite is Notre Dam in Paris.

spandrel studios said...

That church is so striking - you've captured it beautifully!

Anonymous said...

Very nice shot of the church. Didn't know Alexander Hamilton was buried there. His house is located in Harlem.


Teacher said...