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Thursday, May 28, 2009

At the Foot of the Manhattan Bridge

No Trespassing, NYC
Photo by myself at the foot of the Manhattan Bridge.

The ornament looks somber and funereal to me - the details are very spare. What looks like a door isn't a door at all.

Perhaps the giant concrete supports reminded the designer of ancient tombs and pyramids?


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Olivier said...

j'aime bien prendre le Manhattan Bridge a pied, on a une superbe vue sur le Brooklyn Bridge.
Pour mes vacances a NYC, normalement fin Octobre et début novembre, j'aurais confirmation dans la semaine.
I well like to take Manhattan Bridge has foot, they have a superb view on Brooklyn Bridge. For my vacation has NYC, normally end October and the beginning of November, I would have confirmation in week.

Kitty said...

Hi Olivier!
Ah, October/November is often a good time to visit. I remember you visited last year in December.
You must be excited!

Paz said...

I love these great big structures.


Laurent said...

Well I guess the end of october will ne very French in NY because I will also be in Manhattan.
I will try to follow Olivier's advise and walk the Manhattan Bridge which I never did.

Ken Mac said...

love it, but don't get too close!

dianasfaria.com said...

This is quite surreal to me, like something out of one of my weird dreams!

Mike said...

Hi Kitty! I love that angle shot. I am afraid of heights though. That would be hard for me to look at.