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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

On The Times and The People

The Scene in Union Square, NYC
Photo by myself in Union Square.

These folks look more like the characters on a TV show than mere commoners. Union Square was packed the other day when the sun was out.


This weekend, the Times unveiled a new photoblog on its website, called Lens, with a focus on photography and photojournalism.

One of the benefits of an internet-based newspaper is its unlimited size. Now the paper can have loads upon loads of photographs. What I especially love about the blog is its layout. You can simply click through big images if that's your mood or read the accompanying text if you have more time.

In its first weekend, Lens has richly illustrated 'articles' from all over the world, and all over history. Choose from a post about the Oval Office, gorgeous images taken in Pakistan by a Times photographer, and the rich images taken by a large format camera, among others.

The Times has always had stellar photography. Now, we readers can enjoy even more of it.

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The_Jaev said...

hiii,,,nice to meet u...visit me//

Anonymous said...

Am always amazed at the talkers we got. Just five years ago nobody talked on phones.


Laurent said...

Nice shot and thanks for the link to the Lens blog.

Walker said...

Great capture.

Mom Knows Everything said...

It does look like a scene from a TV show or movie. Very cool Kitty!

Fredrik said...

Wonderful group of people you caught there. And thanks for the link, appreciate it.
Today I met an architectual antiquary in an old mill.

dianasfaria.com said...

Yes they do indeed look like "characters" Some of the most interesting people seem to congregate in NYC and they aren't even celebrities!
Love this shot Kitty.

Andrea said...

What a great website, thanks for sharing Kitty! x