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Friday, May 22, 2009

Tough Times, Midtown

Crosswalk, NYC
Photo by myself at a Midtown crosswalk.

I liked this photo for the various expressions.


Not all New Yorkers are so glum. Most are excited for the long weekend and the good weather.

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Olivier said...

beaux portraits dans la rue de NYC. j'aime toujours des b&w
nice portraits on the street of NYC. I always like of b&w

Tiago said...

Friday is always a special day in the western world! I wish you all a great weekend!

A said...

these people do look quite down... hard to imagine when we are now starting a 3 day weekend! hope you enjoy yours!

spandrel studios said...

Looks like the weight of the world is on everyone's shoulders!

dianasfaria.com said...

these guys look exhausted!

Tam said...

i love to watch people. looks a bit chilly.

Ken Mac said...

new yorkers are a tired lot!

Mike said...

Overstressed. Friday is usually the best day though.