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Sunday, June 14, 2009

City Portrait - BBQ Block Party, Madison Square Park

Photo by myself outside Madison Square Park, at 23rd Street and Fifth Avenue.

The 7th Annual BBQ Block Party took place Saturday, around 23rd Street and Fifth Avenue. Above, a food preparer proudly showed off a rack of pork ribs.

Some of the best barbecue purveyors from all over the States were present. Trucks were hauled in from Texas, Alabama and Nashville, among other places.


Mark and I wound up at the BBQ party, Saturday. He'd seen the trucks setting up Friday night, and called me excitedly to say that entire carcasses were being roasted overnight. We're not huge meat eaters, but we will do just about anything for good barbecue.

BBQ Truck

It turns out a kajillion other people knew about this too, so when we arrived around noon, it was insanity. Long lines snaked in front of each truck. Picnic tables lined the street so that people could eat ribs the right way, with two bare hands.

We weren't able to deal with the crowds, though, and left early after a delicious (and pricey) pulled pork sandwich and ribs.

The trucks will be there Sunday, from noon to 6 pm. Bring your wallets, patience and appetite.




Pigging Out, NYC

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Tiago said...

"First we send it to heaven, then we send it to fire", that's what is written on that board? Great shots! They make me hunger! lol

Laurent said...

Hungry too !

Ming the Merciless said...

I can't believe I miss that event again. I love BBQ!

Fredrik said...

What a great idea!
Nice portrait. She looks proud I think.

toothfairynotes said...

Wow, that piece of meat is huge! haha

I'll be visiting NYC this autumn. Looking forward too it. Especially after seeing your photos!

I've noticed you've been to Amsterdam! Really cool... I live in the Netherlands, Rotterdam. Have you visited that place too?

Take care!

Printemps said...

I dream of visiting New York! Someday, Yeah an American Dream!

Thanks for visiting my blog Kitty and I am hungry now ....after visiting your blog and this post in particular.

dianasfaria.com said...

I heard about this BBQ & wondered if it was crazy crowded.
I love it when people happily pose for photos. They are as good to me as the ones where people aren't aware you are photographing them.
I can see both of the men's personality through your lens. Nice Kitty.