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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Music While You Wait

Flautist, NYC
Photo by myself at the 59th Street subway station.

A classically trained flute player entertained a small audience the other night.


Most of the time when I take photos of street musicians, they're happy to pose. Only once in a while do musicians stop what they're doing, implying that they should be paid for their photograph.

Generally, the good musicians do all right. People drop a few bucks in an open bag or hat for talented performers, or those who look obviously in need.

One of my cousins visited New York years ago and played his guitar on the sidewalk. He got some decent money from it, though he might have gotten the contributions because he was a teenager.

Next time I'll have to ask the performer what they generally get each day. I'm curious!

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Vietnam War History said...

The thought of a musician playing on the street demanding to be paid for being photographed just doesn't sound right to me.

dianasfaria.com said...

I bet you they do OK dollars wise.
I like this view of the musician playing. Very nice.

Annie said...

We stopped to listen to a guitarist on Broadway..and when I put some money in his case, he broke out into Old Macdonald had a Farm...for the little grandson! (Then I of course put in more money)!
What a lovely fellow. He looked like he was just sitting there enjoying every minute!

NYC Rhymology said...

Hi New York Portraits. I hope the rhyme I've posted at NYC Rhymology using your pic works for you: Music in the subway/Give My Regards to Broadway Thanks!

NYC Rhymology said...

Hi again, NYP.... On second thought, your photo is better than the rhyme I came up with. So I'll keep the photo in mind for a better rhyme later. My bad. But still love the photos.