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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Union Square is Where It's At

Repent, Union Square
Photo by myself in Union Square.

A man beseeched listeners to repent for their sins. The man in the background preached for another cause.


It was very rainy Friday, but Saturday turned out to be sunny and beautiful. I went into the city for a little bit, stopping at Union Square. Can I tell you, it's the place to be in New York in the summer?

The vibe struck me as joyful and folksy, like a current-day Woodstock. The farmer's market was in full swing, selling cheese, farm fresh meat and vegetables. A man on a microphone demanded that everyone repent. Another man announced that the Swine Flu was a conspiracy.

Then a free form art performance started, where women wearing white leotards started painting each other with bright colors. Nearby, a group started singing and Capoeira, an acrobatic Brazilian dance set to drums.

Tables of men played chess. Young people held up signs saying 'Free Hugs'. Vendors sold their artwork. People sunbathed on the steps. Others milled about with cameras.

The place was absolutely nuts.

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spandrel studios said...

Yesterday *was* a gorgeous day... everyone we passed on the street while walking around Lambertville, NJ, looked serene and happy, thrilled to parttake in this beautiful weather.

Tiago said...

I've never be in NYC on Summer. Maybe next year I can see by myself what's going on in Union Square.

elsie said...

"sigh" NYC in summer...

Greg Dimitriadis said...

You have some beautiful photos in your blog. Thanks for visiting Liege City Daily Photo.

Unseen India Tours said...

A Real Great Shot With Fantastic Background !! Great Blog..

Fredrik said...

Great presence! You're so bold, getting that close.

Kitty said...

Hi Spandrel
Oooh, we've been to Lambertville, too! I can only assume you were peeking into the many antique places there.

The only major things about summer are the crowds and the heat/humidity. If you can't tolerate humidity, it's not the greatest time.

This year has been okay so far, though with lots of rain. And there's always many events in the summer months, many of them free.

Hi Elsiee
ha, yes. It can be mayhem tho!

Thanks Greg and welcome!
I'll be sure to be back for another visit.

Welcome Unseen Rajasthan
Thank you!

Hi Fredrick
ha, yes. It really depends on my mood, quite frankly.

Fortunately, tons of people were walking about, many of them photographers!

Andrea said...

I want some Free Hugs !!! :-D :-D