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Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Crowds in Grand Central

Currency Exhange, Grand Central
Photo by myself in the main waiting room of Grand Central Station.

I spotted an elderly lady standing at the currency counter Wednesday afternoon. Only later at home did I notice that her jacket nearly matched the ornate metalwork around the window.


Wednesday afternoon I slipped out of work a bit early to walk around. I wound up going through Bryant Park, then down 42nd Street to Grand Central. It was the middle of rush hour.

Usually I get out of work later in the day. I haven't experienced full-on human (as opposed to automobile) rush hour in a long time. I was swept along by bevies of bodies. Enormous crowds of people pushed on to cross the street, at times stopping traffic.

The waiting room of Grand Central was a madhouse. The announcer called out train after train.

Mass exodus.

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Vietnam War History said...

The irony is that the "mass exodus" is composed of people trying to get out to where there's more room.

aristide said...

great city far away from here

Ken Mac said...

nice catch

dianasfaria.com said...

yes,I know what you mean, I witnessed a mass exodus of cars today on the long island expressway.
I love this photo, I hope this woman gets to see it too somehow.
the light fixture is pretty neat too.

Kitty said...

Hi Doug
You're absolutely correct, ha. Those who commute live in places where they can have backyards and where they don't have to live on top of or below other people.

Some commute an hour or more a day, which to me sounds exhausting.

Thanks Aristide and Ken!

Hi Lily
That's a nice thought, having the woman see this photo.

It must be a madhouse everyday on the LIE and BQE.

streetsmart said...

that is why i hate going home during rush hour. i just can't stand the crowd. just too exhausting for an already tiring day of work. nice catch of the lady's jacket and window's ornate metalwork.

... said...

Love the quality of the light - it is a touch ethereal...nice "ornate" observation, Kitty...
By the way, love your blog...

BIO said...

You have a good eye. The mundane sometimes brings out the best in all of us.