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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Hipsters in their Natural Habitat

Hipster sidewalk, WburgPhoto by myself in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

This weekend Mark and I traversed into Williamsburg, Brooklyn, to view hipster douchebags in their natural environment.

There was no need to hide within a tent or creep up on the subjects. They were shuffling around in the open air without a care in the world, in their ragtag clothing, ironic sunglasses, shoes and no socks.

Even in these times, the life of the hipster douchebag seems good.


Generally Hipsters are kids who look like they've rolled out of bed. They spend much time and often money on their appearance, which is contrived to look casually thrown together. Prefers thrift store clothing. Has a trust fund. Modern-day Bohemians.

Stubbornly non-conformist, yet they all tend to look the same.

Here's a link to some definitions of a hipster.

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Olivier said...

hipster ?

Kitty said...

Haha Olivier.
I have added a translation!

... said...

Great post, Kitty...and the Urban Dictionary link was amusing...!
Couple of hipsters in the Starbucks near my office - always interesting to see their approach to the day! Cheers...S...

Jazzy said...

very clear 'no parking'
i like the attitude of hipsters, no stress, no worries..

Ken Mac said...

i am so glad we are of one accord on said doucebags. Not sure if the folks outside NYC get it, but I certainly do....

Anonymous said...

Wow. This post and at least one of its comments do nothing to dispel the stereotype of obnoxious New Yorkers. This kid is walking down the street (in his hometown, presumably, but not yours): now he has his picture posted on the internet accompanied by insults based on no more than his dress. In my opinion, this post has identified a couple of douchebags. They aren't in the photo.

Kitty said...

Hi Bramley
Ha yes, I can imagine encountering the kids would be fun.

Hi Jazzy
Their attitude suits the summer weather, that's for certain!

Hi Ken Mac
I'm wondering whether it's just especially noticeable here? It's sometimes a hectic and definitely a stressful place to live.

Hi Anon
Hm...I took good care to post a photograph of someone from far away, and much of what I write is meant to entertain.

My observations are about more than just a dress style. I am entitled to my opinion, as are you.

... said...

Maybe the "kids" I come across are of the wanna-be variety??? : )