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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Live, From the United Nations

On the Air, at the United Nations
Photo by myself outside the United Nations, at 44th Street and First Avenue.

I took this photo a couple months ago of a news crew setting up for a broadcast outside the sculptural buildings of the United Nations.

It was interesting to think of the building as a backdrop, an image potentially seen by millions. Yet only a handful of people would see the man standing on a box!


For those who don't know, the United Nations was designed by a collaboration of architects, including Le Corbusier. It was built around 1950.

I have to say it's one of my favorite buildings in New York. Unfortunately because of the high security, you can't walk around it freely, so the view is from a distance.

United Nations, NYC
The view from a suspended walkway across First Avenue, at Tudor City.

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Olivier said...

le reporter qui prend en photo le reporter ;o) j'adore cet immeuble
the reporter who takes a photo of the reporter ;o) I love this building

dianasfaria.com said...

this photograph has such a modern feel to it.

Terry at Blue Kitchen said...

One of the coolest New York things I've ever done is to have lunch in the Delegates' Dining Room. The food was superb and varied, representing many cultures, and surprisingly reasonable. The views of the East River are swell and, most of all, you're eating in the freakin' UN Building! Here's what the UN site says about it:

The Delegates' Dining Room at UN Headquarters is open for lunch Monday through Friday. A reservation is necessary and should be made as far in advance as possible, by calling (212) 963-7625. Business attire is required: jackets for men; jeans, shorts, sneakers and flip-flops are not permitted.

Kitty said...

Hi Olivier
You have good taste in architecture!

Hi Lily
Thanks. Yes, something funny is happening with the light. Not the typical outdoorsy photo.

Hi Terry
That's incredible. I'd think the food would be good and wonder whether the location helped any with the meal?

I'll have to look into the restaurant. I'm sure you have to know someone to get in!

Anonymous said...

Used to work here years ago. One of my favorite place. Yeah, the security is super tight now and they were always tight before.


Terry at Blue Kitchen said...

You don't need to know anyone, Kitty. You just have to make reservations far in advance. And you need to show up extra early to go through security. If you call, they'll give you all the info you need. Do go. You'll feel James Bond cool, besides being really well fed.