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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

On the WTC and My Big Toe

WTC Progress
Photo by myself near the World Trade Center site.

Construction is progressing at the World Trade Center site.

There isn't a formal viewing platform any more, but you can get views of the site from a pedestrian walkway that traverses the West Side Highway.


There are a million differences between very high end residential projects and tall buildings.

One is that with a fancy house, you're much more concerned about protecting it than protecting yourself. You wear hard hats only for a brief time, when the house is being framed in.

When a house nears completion, you walk around wearing little booties covering your shoes. All the workers and contractor and client will do this. It looks funny, but it's to prevent the stained wood floors and carpets from being marked up.

One day at my former job, I visited a house with my boss. It was a gorgeous, formal home in Montreal, located on a hill that overlooked the city. There were heavy drapes and huge curtain rods and framed art on each wall.

Since the project had long been completed, there weren't booties available. As customary, we took off our shoes.

Except I had an enormous hole in the toe of my black stocking.

Huge. My big toe stuck out of the hole, the nail covered in a bright fuscia nail polish.

'WHAT....is that.' My boss said, his head tipped down, brows furrowed, looking over his glasses. I'm sure he had never seen a big toe sticking out of a stocking before.


That day I hopped around behind pieces of furniture. Eek!

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Olivier said...

petit à petit, cela va reprendre vie...j'attends avec impatience de voir le projet finit.

Anonymous said...

VERY funny story. ;-)


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elsie said...

what a lovely toe story - bet you're not the ONLY one that tells it...

Tiago said...