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Sunday, August 16, 2009

From the Streets of DUMBO

Dumbo, Brooklyn Photo by myself in DUMBO, Brooklyn.

DUMBO stands for 'Down under the Manhattan Bridge overpass'. This is the overpass, formed by the end of the Manhattan Bridge.

This area is has tons of character, with many renovated warehouses and some cobblestone streets. There are some apartments here but the streets generally clear out at night.

Whether the overpass is a major feature in this neighborhood is up for debate. Jerry Seinfeld joked that the place is really 'Down Under the Manhattan Bridge', but New Yorkers added the 'O' because they didn't want a neighborhood called 'DUMB'.

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James said...

I like this picture a lot.

Washington Cesar Takeuchi said...

Hi Kitty.

Nice picture. Is it a safe place? Looks like a movei set! Anyway, whole NYC seems to be a movie set.


Kitty said...

Thanks James!

Hi Washington
The area is very safe.

Mark worked in the area for a little while though and says it can be spooky after dark. I think people live only on certain blocks.

Ken Mac said...


• Eliane • said...

I probably could move in DUMBO. That area has a lot of charms. And to echo what WTakeuchi mentions, that's the area of NYC that makes me think the most of a movie set. Especially the view from Front St (I think) with the Manhattan Bridge at the very end, on a rainy day when the night falls. If you venture closer to the river, you can imagine that's where Al Capone and his little friends were hiding the bodies.