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Friday, September 25, 2009

Fresh on the Upper West Side

West Side Market, NYC
Photo by myself on the Upper West Side, around Broadway and 78th Street.

Westside Market is just a few blocks north of Fairway Supermarket. Both are large and well-trafficked markets with fresh produce set outside on the sidewalk.

The produce is there all year. Heat lamps under the awning keep shoppers warm during the cold months.


New York is a pedestrian city. The majority of New Yorkers take the subway and walk home. Along the way, they make stops to gather fresh produce, pet food, take-out dinner, whatever they need and can carry home.

Recently people have become lazier, ordering supplies from Fresh Direct. Hundreds of cardboard boxes with the Fresh Direct logo are piled on the sidewalks to be recycled.

Like many specialty stores, you can order from Westside Market, too. They will cater any type of event you have. Just click here.

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otautahi outrospective (Stacy) said...

Mmmm...looking at this is making me salivate! You guys get the BEST fruit ever! And CHEAP! The banana's I had in New York were like none I ever had before, and the mangoes were SOOOO delicious! I think I got three for a dollar - I was in heaven!

Unseen India Tours said...

What a beautiful shot !! Great post..Thanks for sharing..Unseen Rajasthan

Olivier said...

superbe photo, j'adore ce mouvement dans la photo, bravo

Nori said...

I surely pick each of them, parhaps one by one for my dinner almost every day if I were in there!

Anonymous said...

I like the two stores.


Washington Cesar Takeuchi said...

Kitty, NYC is a pedestrian city because there are not much space for cars? It sounds great to take a daily walk in streets of NY. That's why you capture so many wonderful images.

Ken Mac said...

local markets keep us human, and connected