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Friday, September 11, 2009

Life Goes On, Columbus Circle

59th St., NYC
Photo by myself at 59th Street Columbus Circle.

Not sure if the guy above is homeless or had a very late night. He was sleeping in the corner very peacefully, while people trooped past on the subway platform.


It's been chilly recently, a sudden onset of Fall. Usually New York experiences Indian Summer, a warm spell in the middle of September that sometimes lasts through October. Hopefully it will happen this year.

The US Open is going on in Flushing Meadow, Queens. Mark and I watched a little bit last night.

All throughout the match between Nadal and Fernando Gonzalez, brisk winds sent the ball flying this way and that. The game was finally suspended because of the weather.

The US Open is played outside Manhattan, just a subway ride away. There is so much going on in the city, however, you're not aware that anything special is going on while it's being played.

Tickets for good seats are expensive. You can get seats for less than $100 in the nosebleed section, but seats with a better view cost well over $500. Each. Most New Yorkers enjoy watching the games on television.

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Olivier said...

c'est vrai que le sport coute cher à NYC, pour avoir des places pour voir les Giants , c'est inabordable

dianasfaria.com said...

though it might not be intentional, your post is a fitting NY portrait given todays date.
This is another great shot Kitty, really love your photos.

Kitty said...

Hi Olivier
I forgot to mention I've gone to the Open before, years ago. So expensive! The food prices there are insane.

Hi Lily
Yes, here we are again. I think NYers make a mental note, talk about it a little but move on with life.

Lou[Ann] said...

Kitty, I found your site while planning my first solo trip since marriage and children (my hubby is taking the children to a town near Seattle; we are in Washington state) and I; I am going to New York next month! I just wanted to find photos of people so I could see the type of bags people carry so it isn't so obvious that I am a hosteller and carrying all of my possessions in that one backpack. I was very happy to have found, and have spent quite some time looking at your wonderful photos. They brought out my excitement even more. You show beautiful, full aspects of life there; not just one view, especially in this photo from today showing several different classes, ages, destinations. I enjoyed looking around. Thanks so much for sharing. Of course, I don't know how I am going to avoid looking like a tourist when all I will be doing is pointing my nose upward to view all the fabulous architecture!!!!

magiceye said...

beautiful capture

Susu Paris Chic said...

Too bad that sports events are so freaking costly these days. We end up watching them on TV even though we'd be so close.

Kitty said...

Welcome LouAnn
I hope you have a wonderful, fun-filled visit soon to NYC!

All the sidewalks are jam-packed with visitors now, so don't worry about looking like a tourist. I see folks carrying backpacks all the time. It is not unusual.

Thanks Magiceye!

Hi Susu
Yes, I'm a miffed about it, since I love to watch tennis. Of course, the earlier rounds are easier to get tickets to...finals are impossible!