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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Below The Ansonia, on the Upper West Side

Ansonia underside
Photo by myself on the Upper West Side, at 74th Street and Broadway.

From below The Ansonia, a historic building that has been the home of many notables, including Igor Stravinsky, Arturo Toscanini, Babe Ruth and Angelina Jolie. Some of the apartments have been up for sale as condos, while the rest remain rental units.


The Ansonia is pretty large, spanning one city block, and has hundreds of apartments. It has its own a website dedicated to its mix of condos and rentals.

At this time, units are listed between $625,000 and $7.4 million. The recently purchased $7.4 million apartment has four bedrooms, and looks like it has four full bathrooms and two half bathrooms. It spans more than one floor of the building.

The floor plans of available apartments can be seen on the realtor's website, here.

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Laura Cousins said...

I'm really enjoying browsing through your blog. I've seen one like this for Dublin, too .. now I'm wondering if there's a market for one for where I live!

Thanks again.

elsie said...

I find NYC at it's most stunning from that very angle - looking UP!!

gorgeous shot!

Washington Cesar Takeuchi said...

Hi Kitty!
I really enjoy your architect point of view of NYC. Great picture.

Vanilla Press said...

Love it

Fredrik said...

Magnificent building. Terrible prices.

jodi sh. doff aka dirtygirl said...

I love your photos and I wonder, do you know the history of the Ansonia? That it was the site of both the infamous Continental Baths & the first location for Plato's Retreat. How incredible to enter a building that beautiful, descend into the absolute bowels and find yourself standing naked, in front of a waterfall....

Monica Molina said...

I attended the American Musical and Dramatic Academy and a portion of our school is located on the first floor of this building. It is so beautiful inside! Outside as well! One of my favorite buildings in NYC.