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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Serving up Sushi at 15 East 15th

15 E 15th, Union Square
Photo by myself at 15 East 15th, near Union Square.

At the sushi bar of this relatively new restaurant was perhaps the first Caucasian sushi chef I've seen.

Be aware, if you are directionally impaired. 15 East 15th Street (also known as '15 East') is located just west of Union Square West. This was a tad confusing so such a simple soul as I, and I had to walk across Union Square a couple times before figuring it out.


A couple weeks ago, Mark and I dined out with friends at this small, nicely-designed sushi restaurant. It was a real treat.

We ordered two sets of tasting menus for the table - the kitchen tasting menu (mostly cooked things) and the sushi tasting menu. Course after course of delicious creations floated to the table.

There was delectable sushi, sea urchin, conch cooked in its shell, octopus, monkfish liver, raw shrimp and various things topped with salmon roe. I can't begin to recall all the dishes and fanciful combinations we had that night. I should have taken notes. Every dish was a surprise.

Mark and I have been on a mini spree of tasting menus lately. Our time watching Top Chef has taken its toll. Tasting menus are opportunities to step out of your comfort zone and have the chef just do his or her thing.

Stay tuned. Another tasting menu post coming soon, followed by a lament on the sorry size of my stomach.

To check out the 15 East website, click here.
For a review of the 15 East, click here.

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Olivier said...

classe le restaurant, et puis belle lumière sur ta photo

Luis Gomez said...

I love going out for tasting menus. It is always like a little party.

Washington Cesar Takeuchi said...

Hi Kitty,
Nice photo. Japanese food is a hit for me. I 've checked the site and the prices seems to be reasonable.