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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

On the Ride Home

Subway Musician, NYC
Photo by myself on the subway, somewhere underground.

On the subway, there are as many singers, guitarists, accordian players and dancers as panhandlers. Actually, in recent times, it seems like the number of panhandlers has dropped.

It is illegal to panhandle on the subways, but people do it anyway. I've never seen anyone arrested or fined. The worst is when the subway car is packed to the gills during rush hour, and someone makes their way through the car.

A couple people gave the fellow above money. Then he went onto the next car. Through the window, I saw more donations, so he is doing okay.

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javi said...

fantastico metro... bella imagen

javi said...

thank yuo Kitti

Kitty said...

Thanks Javier and welcome!

Ken Mac said...

many more musicians than panhandlers these days. Or shall we call them by their Biblical designation, Beggars?
Whenever I see or hear pan pipes-- Zamfir!

Fredrik said...

Nice portrait! But that pan flute music makes me crazy.