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Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Veteran's Day Parade, on Fifth Avenue

Veterans Day UHaul Float
Photo by myself on Fifth Avenue, in Midtown. World War II Veterans rode down Fifth Avenue to the applause of spectators.

The Veteran's Day Parade took place up Fifth Avenue, Wednesday.

It was an incredible treat to see Veterans who served in World War II, the Korean War and the Vietnam War, among others. Many respectful spectators paid tribute along the parade route.

I'd never seen the Veteran's Day Parade in person before and I was surprised by how moving it is. This is a parade with real depth and meaning. It's not just some fluffy entertainment. Regardless of one's politics, the parade was worth seeing.

Veterans Day flag bearers
There were so many flags. Flags and banners were carried by service people, and flags adorned building facades.

Veterans Day spectators

Veterans Day Drum
Several school bands walked by in full costume. I'm sure the hats helped with the slight chill in the air.

Veterans Day Flag
A giant flag nearly as wide as a city street was walked up Fifth Avenue.

I only had a short time to spend at the parade, since it was my lunch hour. I will surely spend much more time there next year.

I'm off to Los Angeles for the weekend folks, but I'll be posting here daily!

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Washington said...

It is really moving to see guys that have risked their lives for their country. I can imagine the great and sometimes sad stories that they might have to tell. Have a nice trip Kitty.

Mama Mayborne... said...

these photos look amazing in black and white!! have a great trip to LA.

dianasfaria.com said...

Is it just me or does the Veteran in your top photo have an uncanny resemblance to George Bush?
These are great pictures Kitty.
Every year we have a similar experience in our town at our Memorial Day Parade. The Vets march down Main Street with people applauding them along the way.
At the end there is a laying of the wreaths at the Memorials & a gun salute. It really is quite moving.

Kitty said...

Thanks Washington,
Yes, I feel the same. Oh to sit and talk to each and every one of these veterans.

Thanks Mama!

Hi Lily
Yes, both Mark and I thought the man looks like George Bush, lol.

I didn't realize they had a parade in LI, too. I guess it makes sense, there are vets everywhere. That's nice that you attend!

円倶楽部 said...
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