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Saturday, December 19, 2009

From the Corner Deli, in Soho

La Esquina, NYC
Photo by myself in Soho, around Lafayette and Kenmare Street.

Though the sign says 'Corner Deli', this is actually a Mexican joint called La Esquina. This tiny sliver of a restaurant has just enough room to seat a handful of people. I've been told there's also a bar below ground that is super cool.

My favorite dish there is a crusty torta (sandwich) that tastes incredibly decadent: grilled steak and onions, lettuce, tomato, jalepeno peppers and a special chimichurri sauce. They also serve an assortment of soft tacos on corn tortillas, and fancy quesadillas.

For their website and menu, click here.


New York is reeling from the loss of star Hideki Matsui to Los Angeles, after playing 7 years for the Yankees. (I am still in shock).

We're also in for a snow storm this weekend. As much as 14 inches are expected. Crikey!

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e said...

Oh no, not Matsui! i'm crestfallen. I may be an ex-pat but am still a Yankee fan. ;) Great photo, by the way. And am incredibly hungry after reading your description. I haven't tasted good Mexican cooking since i left the States. :(

Fashion Schlub said...

Nice shot, Kitty. It looks like a great joint...and as ER said, your description of the crusty torta sounds *so* good right now!

Kitty said...

Yes, ER, our Matsui has been taken. Shocking, since he was a fan favorite.

If you or Miss B have the chance, La Esquina is a great place to go. So many places are hyped up and touristy, however there are nooks and crannies in NYC that insiders know about that are reasonable and good!

Louis la Vache said...

When «Louis» first saw the photo and before he read the text, he was going to ask you to e-mail him a hot pastrami. After reading your text, he'll cheerfully accept a torta!

Re the snow. It's unusually cold here, but no snow now. We had the very rare occurrence of snow Monday a week ago. What "Global Warming?"

valeria said...

Bellissima indeed!