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Thursday, December 24, 2009

On Soldiers, Sailors and Going Nuts

Soldiers & Sailors Monument, NYC
Photo by myself in Riverside Park, around 88th Street and Riverside Drive.

The Soldiers and Sailors Monument is located in Riverside Park, overlooking the Hudson River. Several cannons are stationed nearby, aimed toward New Jersey.

People were sledding down the snow-covered steps, just enjoying the outdoors. The sun was setting as usual, casing an orange glow on everything.


Mark and I, like many New Yorkers, are suffering from apartment living.

Our upstairs neighbors look like normal people with a 2-year old. However, once they get inside they become Neanderthals, clomping around and dropping things because they lack opposable thumbs.

They slam things, clomp around, then slam more things. Then the little boy goes berserk and runs around for half an hour, wearing what must be combat boots. Yowza.

We've tried communicating about it but that didn't get far. Recently, we were woken up at 6 am by what sounded like Riverdance. Mark got the broom and started banging on the ceiling. Nice.

You can't choose your neighbors, especially here, where they are on top of you and below you and to every side. Of course, it could always be worse. The kid could join a rock band.

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Locomotiva said...

if it helps, here in Italy is the same.
A elephant stampede every day.

BTW, thanks for the photo: I had a glance of that mausoleum on Riverside dr., going down on a M5 bus, but I wondered what is it.
Now I know.

P.S.: canNon = artillery.

the1015lab said...

:) hahahah you are discribing my situation with the 3rd floor family! in my case, the kid just got an electric guitar and woke me up at 7 o clock playing Nirvana..

Olivier said...

c'est vrai que l'on choisit pas ces voisins et que quand cela se passe mal c'est vraiment la galere...j'espere que cela s'arrangera...Je te souhaite un JOYEUX NOEL a toi, Mark et surtout a Rupert ;o)

Anonymous said...

Nice photo. Haven't been to Riverside since it has snowed. I usually exercise there.

So, did the noise stop after marked banged on the ceiling?

Happy Holidays to you!


Washington said...

Hi Kitty! Happy Christmas for you, Mark and Rupert!