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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Shopping til Dropping, on Canal Street

Biting Cold on Canal Street, NYC
Photo by myself on Canal Street, in Chinatown.

It was very, very cold on Friday. Despite icy winds, shoppers and vendors were out along Canal Street, which is lined with stalls selling jewelry, perfumes and clothing.

Sadly I was outside, too. I was fetching an antsy Rupert from where Mark was working, nearby. I can attest that within minutes, any exposed skin became dry and painful in the cold air. Owch.

Biting Cold on Canal Street

Human Sign, Canal Street
The gentleman bearing the sign was very friendly and offered for me to take his photo.

Normally, the sidewalks in this area are packed with slow-moving out-of-towners. It's quite infuriating to most native New Yorkers, who are used to walking about at a fast clip. Many jump into the gutter to walk out of frustration.

I'm off for a day in Boston, which is even colder. Photos will continue to be posted here, as usual.

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Louis la Vache said...

It DOES look cold!
That's quite an eclectic mix of wares in that first image.

Ineke said...

Great street scenes!

Pat said...

I just love, love, love streets like Canal Street. In Chennai, India, where I have just visited, there's a place called Mint Street, which is just as lively. But warmer now...:)

Marion said...

I love the black and white street scenes...more grit, somehow! You've captured the cold temperatures, even if shoppers continue to shop, lol!

dianasfaria.com said...

I know! it's freezing out!
nice street scene Kitty.

Lori said...

I got so tired of that cold. It barely got above freezing the whole month we were there. Nice shots.

Kitty said...

Hi Louis
I wish I could have shown more oddities that day but my fingers were frozen, lol

Thanks Ineke!

Hi Bibi
Wowee, India must be the best place to take photos. I cannot image and I envy you!!

Thanks Marion
I'm not sure how those folks were doing it. My instincts kept me moving.

Ha Lily
Hope you're staying warm!

Hi Ted and Lori
You were troopers for visiting in the winter. Last year it was balmy but this is insane.

valeria said...

Really good shots of NY everyday life, I love it!
Oh, it's so cold here too!