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Thursday, February 18, 2010

On Eco-Coolness and Another Look at the Videotape

Green Depot, NYC
Photo by myself on Bowery and Prince Street.

Green Depot is a relatively new store that sells environmentally friendly products for the home.

You can purchase everything to build, clean and beautify your home that's also good for our planet. Their huge selection includes bamboo plywood, cotton insulation, zero-VOC paint, phosphate-free detergent and scrubbers made from corn cobs and peach pits.

Check out their enormous array of products, here.


Okay, so the jury is out on the photo I posted the other day.

Barbie of Barbie's Rants and Raves is convinced that one of the people on the top step of 190 Bowery is a woman.

On Bowery, Take Two
Another view of the stoop I posted the other day. It was a busy street corner.

I looked at the handful of photos I had from different angles. I had Mark look at them, too.

Mark sides with Barbie and thinks the person could be a woman. I think it's just a shlumpy unshaven guy. Without removing his or her clothing and doing a thorough examination, how can we be sure?

Eco-Friendly Cardboard Design, Signs of Hope and Cow Appreciation Day, Fifth Avenue.


Olivier said...

j'aime bien le nouvel angle de la photo d'hier

Laura Cousins said...

If I am reading this article here http://tinyurl.com/yhyugw4 correctly, the UK Government is about to make this kind of photography illegal over here.

The plan is to bring into play ' "commonsense" new rules that in effect will prohibit photography in public places where anyone who's in the photograph might be unhappy about being photographed.'

Also proposed is an ending to existing copyright legislation which will in effect mean that images taken by non-professionals and exhibited publicly will be usable by professional photographic agencies, and it will be incumbent on the photographer to chase up any payments that might be due as a result.

So your Flickr account, or your Google Picasa, or your public Photobucket, or even your website, will all be fair game for photo agencies.

I do sincerely hope that doesn't happen to you over in the United States.

Pat said...

I'm about to click on the link for this store a hope I won't spend any money, though I'd definitely drop some bucks if I went in in person.

Also going to check out what Lozzie Cap wrote about--yikes!

dianasfaria.com said...

Thanks for the great link Kitty.
I think it's possible that man is a lady, but I doubt it.
Did he/she respond when you asked to take his/her photo? If so was his/her voice deep?

Louis la Vache said...

Re Lozzie's comment - it could very easily happen here, too, given the lunatics in Washington, D.C. now. «Louis» has never seen it worse. This isn't the change we had hoped for...

lewi14@gmail.com said...

How is the Bowery? I've heard of rebuilding/reconstruction of this unique district. Nice black-and-white photos, how proper.

barbie said...

okay...okay after taking a look at the alternate view of that Bowery shot I can clearly see that the "bag carrier" is indeed a man. keep those pics coing. I am truly addicted to your shots of the city. Have a great week-end.

Kitty said...

Thanks Olivier!
I liked this corner a lot. There was so much going on.

Hi Lozzie
I'll have to do more research about this one. I am shocked that this is happening in the UK, shocked.

I know it's fine to take photos of people in public and the trouble starts when you publish them, even if you're not making money from it. But the whole idea of photos being used without the permission of their authors is incredible.

I truly hope the rule doesn't pass. I can't imagine who would benefit from it except businesses. Awful.

Ha Bibi,
The site is designed nicely. I have to say I was sorely tempted. Next time I'll have to go inside the store. I saw a lot of people noticing it and coming in and out.

Hi Lily
I didn't talk to that particular person. They were a silent bunch, and just nodded when I asked whether I could take their photo. Now I wish I'd talked to them more!

Ha Louis
I'm dismayed that there is such disagreement going on in our country and in Washington. You would think there'd be a middle ground but there isn't. I have faith, though.

Hi Lewi
Good question. The Bowery is definitely better than it used to be. It's certainly not 'scenic', with its many lighting and restaurant supply stores, but there are no longer vagrants there.

The Bowery Mission still functions and you'll see people they help outside, but they keep to themselves. The New Museum is a destination and there were many people taking photos of it and going inside.

The street is busier than it has been in the past, though not bustling. It's come a long way.

Ha, Barbie. Well, I definitely see your point of view.

Thanks for tuning in and making me look harder at my photos. I appreciate it!