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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Written on the Walls, in Nolita and East Harlem

Lasso, NYC
Photo by myself on Mott and Kenmare Streets, in Nolita.

Lasso is an Italian restaurant that specializes in thin crust pizza, including pies that are gluten-free. During weekend brunch, one prix fixe offers unlimited cocktails with your food.

I haven't eaten here, but I liked their wall art, particularly the Dr. Spock in Marilyn drag.

For a look at their website, which lists their menus, click here.


I must admit I've never seen a graffiti artist spray painting or stenciling or pasting up his or her work.

Mark has. He says the deeds are usually done at night, under the cover of darkness. Usually. But there is one place in New York where you can express yourself in broad daylight.

There is a Graffiti Hall of Fame in East Harlem, located on the walls of a school at 106th Street and Park Avenue. Mark has been telling me about how amazing the place is for years, but for whatever reason, I've never been.

You can see the work of some of the best graffiti artists in New York, and the walls are always changing. I would love to visit when it's warmer outside!

For a view of the Graffiti Hall of Fame, click here.

Abandoned Lot, East Village, Pasted up in the Meatpacking District and Art for the Masses.


Joanne said...

I was doing the same yesterday, graffiti shooting, there is some amazing work being done, also stenciling is really cool:)

Laura Cousins said...

It is the love child of Marylin Monroe and Ronald Regan. Enough to put one off one's pizza.

lewi14@gmail.com said...

The Spock/Marilyn "portrait" suits me. I'm a fan of Star Trek and I've never seen such a homage. Very nice.

Kitty said...

Hi Joanne
I can understand the attraction to graffiti. I like the stencil work, too. Seems like it would take some time and care to do.

Ha Lozzie!

Hi Lewi
Yes it's a one-of-a-kind homage, isn't it? Funny to see this through the eyes of a Star Trek fan!

nieto said...

nice!!! i like to do stencils but i make them on the computer and i cut them with a vinyl cutter. :) the Graffiti Hall of Fame sounds like a nice place to visit....